Update on the songwriting adventure

 Hello How has everyone been doing? It has been a little while since my last post. What has happened since then is that I've taken a hiatus from writing novels and I'm giving my musical creativity the attention it deserves. The update so far is that I've written a dozen songs, recorded seven of them in part or full, and I've submitted them for consideration for TV shows and recording artists. So far, none have been successful in being picked up, but the feedback I'm receiving is incredibly helpful in improving my recording and songwriting technique. I've also only been writing songs since November and submitting songs since March, and it's now the end of April. So as much as I want everything to happen straight away, it's going to take a little while longer. I have a songwriting buddy. Panther loves to wander in while I'm singing and add his vocals to the mix. His melodic meow has been picked up in several recordings.  One thing lyric writing has in

How I used forensic science in my murder mystery novel.

Todays' blog post is about how I used forensic science in my murder mystery novel. I loved doing the research for the cause of death in THE WIDOW CATCHER . What I learned is that they call it Forensic Science for a reason, because the rules of death are grounded in absolutes. If too much blood is lost, a person dies. If too many internal organs are damaged, a person dies. If there is no oxygen, a person dies.  In thrillers and mysteries, unless there is a supernatural element, we rarely have scope for miraculous recoveries. People may survive gunshot wounds, but they cannot dodge bullets. People may survive being held underwater for a period of time, but they cannot breathe underwater. I typically write fantasy and science fiction, so writing THE WIDOW CATCHER made for some interesting writing when I searched for ways in which the protagonist would kill his victim while abiding by the rules of death in the natural world. I turned to my trusty ‘Encyclopedia of Forensic Science’ w

How writing novels has improved my song writing

The songwriting muse has been hitting me over the head. I've been writing a song a week and these are the best songs I've written in my life. The music and melodies are better. The lyrics are my finest.  For those who don't know, I used to be a singer/songwriter/musician in my late-teen through to my mid-twenties. I gave it up to write novels.  So why are my songs better now? It's because novel writing has taught me to dig deep, to build a character, to connect with an audience, to find the truth and uncover it, and not be afraid to uncover it.  Authors develop characters in their novels. One way to do this is called 'the ghost of the lie', where the author might do a character interview to find out what is motivating them to act a certain way. For example, a single man never goes beyond the third date with any woman. When pushed by his friends why he won't settle down, he says it's because he is almost finished with his boat and he's going to sail a



Trilogies vs character series vs themed series.

For those of you who have perused my website to check out my books, you'll already know that I write standalone novels and serialized books. When I started, I never wanted to write a series. They take a long time. I have so many story ideas that I felt I might be trapped in one world. But when I began writing sci-fi, it wasn't a choice anymore. Sometimes it is the world or the story or the character that can drive an author to write a series. So what are a few ways for an author to write a series?  1) The trilogy, or quadrilogy depending on the number of books, such as The Hunger Games, the Expanse, Lord of the Rings. These books need to be read in order because there is often a different focus per book with an overarching story. 2) The character-themed series where each book can be read as a standalone, such Jack Reacher, Alex Cross. These books can usually be read in any order because they are one situation with a resolution, but there is still backstory that readers would be

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