Sunday, 20 January 2013

D L Richardson author highlights for 2012

2013 is shaping up to be a great year. So far I've held a book signing, and I've got school visits and workshops lined up over the next few months. I keep everything in a diary, so when I looked back over 2012, I saw that it was an extremely productive year.

JAN - final round of author edits on Feedback commenced

FEB - author edits of Feedback continued

MAR - book trailer for The Bird With the Broken Wing created, 5 lucky winners recieved an ebook copy of The Bird With the Broken Wing 
APR - Feedback submitted to Etopia Press and accepted for publication, Dear Teen Me letter published, local book store called to stock print copy of The Bird With the Broken Wing author started writing Little Red Gem

JUL - more SWAG posted to fans and bloggers, checked EBAY for storage cupboards (promo items start arriving and I have no where to store them), email database created, release day of Feedback advised Sept 7 (though this is later changed)

AUG - advance copy of Feedback sent to reviewers, Romanian bloggers continued to bombard author for The Bird With the Broken Wing, more SWAG posted, Feedback release date changed to Oct 5

promo material for YA fantasy novel The Bird With The Broken Wing (Sept 2011 - Etopia Press)

SEP - author attended convention in Canberra (Conflux 8), Feedback teaser campaign started, radio interview secured, more SWAG posted to fans, guest posts written for blogs, magazine interview secured  
OCT - Feedback released as ebook, The Bird With the Broken Wing released in print, blog ads done for Feedback and The Bird With the Broken Wing, largest giveaway of Feedback SWAG posted to fans, author blog converted into teen e-zine called InterestTeen

cover art for YA scifi/adventure novel (Oct 2012 - Etopia Press)
NOV - radio interview (Radio Northern Beaches) in Sydney, book blog tour with Bewitching Book Tours, local book stores stocked print copy of The Bird With the Broken Wing, application for convention submitted (Conflux 9), radio interview with loal radio station (2EC), interview in local paper (Bay Post)

DEC - month long blog book tour with Full Moon Bites for Feedback commenced with reviews/guest posts/interviews every day, more local book stores stock The Bird With the Broken Wing, book signing secured with local book store (Bay Bookshop) in Jan 213, confirmed to present workshop at convention in Apr 2013 in Canberra (Conflux 9), met with local school to set date to speak to students in Feb 2013, major round of edits for Little Red Gem completed.

I hope you will join me for a busy 2013.

D L Richardson

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