Author highlights for this week

Author highlights for this week...


I'm pretty estatic about this highlight. Feedback, my young adult sci-fi adventure novel, has almost cracked the top 200 mark at Kobo Books.

Ebook available to buy for $5.76 at Kobo Books

literary agents

I discovered this database of literary agents that is totally kickass awesome. I am contacting agents this week about my recently completed young adult paranormal romance novel.

Anyone interested in checking out this "free!!!" yes "free!!!" database of agents please do so here.

new project

I'm taking a different path with my current project. It's an adult science fiction story of two men from two different worlds - one dystopian and one utopian - and what happens when they meet. This novel will probably take me the rest of 2013 to write but it's a story that's been in my head for a while.


  1. That is awesome that the Feedback ranking is so high! I'm in the middle of it and can't wait to finish. I had to FORCE myself to put it down since I'm trying to edit two books right now. I love Feedback.

  2. Hi Brinda. It's nice to hear that you love Feedback. And nice othear that you're editing 2 books! Wow, that's gotta be keeping you busy and excited.

    Just to let you know that as at today, Feedback is now ranked #82 on the Kobo listing. I'm off to update everyone.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Good luck with the editing!

    D L Richardson


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