Beware people who want to charge to publish your work!

I won't name names, but I came across this website and as soon as I saw the below I went "Hello, this looks like a scam."

Vanity publishers crop up everyone, and they're eager to take a writer's money for the sake of vanity. Unless having something in print is on your bucket list, at all costs avoid vanity publishing. It's bad for your credibility. Besides the loss of money and credibility, with a vanity publisher you don't know who or what your story will sit next to. Imagine your hard work sitting in the middle of a bunch of crap writing. You might as well self publish.

Self publishing used to be considered a close cousin to vanity publishing, but the internet has starting giving self publishing an make over and its starting to become somewhat reputable. Self publishing is where the author pays for everything - editing, cover art, print set up, ISBN, etc. Self publishing gives a writer total control over their work and they reap all the benefits of the sales.

How do you know if you come across a vanity publisher? It's quite simple really. Publishers don't charge a processing fee. Vanity publishers do.

I particularly love the way you have to buy a copy of the book. Publishers will usually provide you with a number of copies for free. 

Below is a typical vanity publisher...AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


Here's How it Works!

Submission of your work to Write and Publish Fiction is FREE. Upon submission, your story will be judged by a panel of three judges and reviewed for several qualifying aspects. If your story passes this qualification process and is chosen to be published, a one-time non-refundable processing fee of just $49.97 will be required for me to proceed with publishing your story. That's all you will ever have to pay out (unless of course you want a copy of the book). The processing fee will help cover the costs of my time with editing, formatting and publishing the compiled book.
This is not a contest. Your work is being judged equally based on several qualifying criteria. Your work is NOT judged against other writer's stories. If your work is accepted by the judges, you will be notified by the end of July 2013 and your work will move onto the editing and formatting stage for final publication.


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