Sci-fi novel FEEDBACK coming to print April 2013


Feedback, the teen sci-fi novel reviewers are calling  "a wonderfully refreshing Young Adult Paranormal book..." is coming to print in April 2013.

Available at Book Depository, amazon, Barnes and Noble and many more onlibne retailers

"I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who likes a touch of paranormal to their realism or a touch of realism to their paranormal." The Book Maven

About the book:
Kidnapped for information they can't possibly know, and fuelled by the spirit of a dead CIA agent, Ethan, Florida, and Jake must look deep inside themselves if they are to finish the mission and save millions of lives. But they're being held captive in a strange place by a man who believes in Feedback, the theory that information is retained in the memory of organs - in this case those of a certain dead CIA agent donor. And their captor will stop at nothing to get the information retained in their newly transplanted organs.

genre:      young adult sci-fi/adventure
publisher: etopia press
ISBN 13:   9781937976774
also avail in digital format


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