Hairstyles I've had over the years

Okay, I'm doing something completely different here. I'm posting photos of my hair styles I've had over the years. I think I'm being very brave because basically the hairstyle I want the hairstyle I end up with are at the polar ends of opposite.
1984 or 1985 I can't quite recall exactly. But a barber cut it. Says it all really.
1985 or 1986. Home dye job. I wanted blonde. Got red.
2002. Grew hair long but always tied it back

2004. Sick of tying back long hair so cut it.
2004. My wedding photo hair.

2009. Not sure if I like no fringe or fringe.
2009. Decided I wanted a fringe after all.

2010. Hair salon dye job. But stylist kept cutting it shorter and shorter.
2010. Never wanted it this short.

2011. didn't let the stylist cut it for a while. This is one of my favourite styles. Nobody seems to be able to reproduce it.
2012. Growing hair long. Like the two-tone.

2001 on the left. 2013 on the right.


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