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Don't you just love it when someone tells you they're not much of a singer, and then you get a copy of the song and you say to yourself, I don't know what she's on about. That's exactly what happened when romance fiction author Noelle Clark sent me two songs she had written and recorded in her former life as a musician. I'm always interested to hear what authors do other than write. Criminologists often write crime novels, robotics experts write sci-fi, but not every author has a history based on what they write.

In an earlier coffee chat post with Noelle, she mentioned she was a songwriter and has written over 30 songs. Here is how the story began for this post.

Noelle wrote: "Well it's funny how we both have some music in us. I was actually quite successful in songwriting competitions with mine, but I'm not much of a singer and in fact am quite shy singing, so entering the comps and having to perform them was difficult for me. I'm a confident guitar player, so backing myself was easy. The website where I had all my music and credentials has died and I can no longer access it, but I have the songs saved thank goodness. My songs are kinda folky/country/ballads. At the time I was songwriting, I was a very active member of two clubs, one folk, one country. Had a ton of fun. I formed a bluegrass band called Smokin' Bluegrass (ha, sounds like we were on dope). No one else in the band wanted to play banjo, so I had to teach myself to play banjo. Also mandolin, but that's quite easy.

I was right into the music big time, and in fact did really well with it. But - I don't know what happened, and it just kind of slipped out of my life. It's odd how sometimes I can be into things boots and all, and then it just kind of isn't as important. I guess I was going through a very busy time at work when I gave up the music. Not only that, but the country music scene was all about entering in festivals (competitions), and a whole bunch of us would travel all over the place, camp at the grounds, jam around the fire at night, and compete against one another in the day time. At the end of each year, the winners at all the festivals would meet for a great big competition called Champion of Champions. Well, I won the songwriting section one year, meaning my song was the best from a year's worth of entries. Only one instrument backing allowed in the comps, I always back myself. It was a good song, but I don't think I even have a recording of it. Maybe I do somewhere. Anyway, I'd love to hear about your music. Maybe I'll send you some of my songs one day to have a listen."

With an intro like that, I jumped at the chance to hear Noelle's music, and she sent these two songs. Noelle is right that she's a confident guitar player. I'm envious. I strum a guitar like I'm in a grunge band (when I was in a band I played bass guitar). In her email she sends her apologies for her singing, but she has a lovely voice. I'm not sure what she's worried about, I'd be happy to sound as lovely and lilting as she does.

Noelle wrote: "Am attaching a song called A Place I've Never Been. I wrote it when I was trying to escape from a suffocating relationship, and I literally ran away. Headed out west of Toowoomba to a music festival where I knew no one. Just wanted to be free of shackles. Does that make sense?

Will also attach a song called Ballad of the Mullockers which I wrote after visiting Broken Hill. I'd just been down the deep mine shaft, and when I came up there was a monument to two young boys who had been lost in a cave in. They never recovered their bodies. They were young fellers called mullockers, who used to remove the waste rock. Anyway, that's what inspired this one. The harmonica is my brother , and the violin is my sister . Guitar on both songs is me."

As a huge music fan and an ex-muso myself, I begged Noelle to let me share these songs on my blog. I hope you like them as much as I do. I've played A Place I've Never Been about 20 times today, I can't get the tune out of my head.

 So, without further ado, here is fiction author Noelle Clark. Enjoy!

A Place I've Never Been words and music by Noelle Clark p
hotos by D L Richardson

Ballad of The Mullockers words and music by Noelle Clark
photos by D L Richardson

Here's a bit about Noelle's current creative interest, fiction writing:

When Abbie travels to exotic Cambodia, her goal is to find herself again. She also finds that the local people steal her heart, and she enthusiastically responds. But the mysteries of ancient Angkor Wat also captivate her, drawing her into danger and near tragedy. She unwittingly places her new friend, Craig, in a life and death situation. Abbie experiences utter joy, deep melancholy, and faces her biggest fears. But she emerges as a stronger and more confident woman, because of it.


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Here's a bit more about the author:
Noelle Clark is an Australian author who weaves romance, suspense and adventure into colourful and often exotic locations around the world. Widely travelled, Noelle uses her real life experience of places, culture, and people, as a backdrop to her stories, giving the reader an authentic taste of the location. Her novels often feature more mature heroines and heroes, believing that love can be sweet at any age.


D L Richardson is the author of speculative fiction. She has three teen novels and one short story anthology published. Her first novel reached number 2 at OmniLit and number 38 at Kobo Books. Her second reached number 1 at OmniLit. Little Red Gem is her third novel and recently won 2nd place Best Books of 2013 Paranormal Cravings. She lives in Australia on the NSW south coast with her husband and dog.

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  1. Oh my God, Noelle you are amazing. Just amazing. Talk about being an enigma! What a fabulous post.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Shehanne. I think it's amazing the talent some authors have.

    2. Aw Shey. Your comments mean a lot. Thanks.

  2. Dear Shey and Deb. Thanks to both of you for 'outing' me. I'm a closet singer/songwriter. It's scary, but quite exhilarating, to be on YouTube. :-) Thanks Deb for doing this post.


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