Saturday, 16 November 2013

The first of the informal book club meetings

It's 9pm and the family is gathered around the dining table. We're here to celebrate an 83rd birthday and we've just had a feast of seafood. We've caught up on what's been happening in our lives. They all know I'm a writer but I try to avoid talking about my books because I'm deathly afraid of becoming one of those people who stand out front of supermarkets and won't let you pass by until they've told you what they have to sell you.

The conversation leads to talk of books anyway. Don't you just love it when you have a table full of people who enjoy reading. This is how we ended up having an informal book club meeting. These are sort of like the minutes.

The conversation started with Game of Thrones. Lots of good recommendations to read the books. I haven't read them yet, but I've seen the first series. Books are always better so I'll add these to my list. The greatest tip I got about this series was - don't fall in love with any character because they can end up dead at any minute.

We moved onto a book by Danielle Steele which is apparently a tear jerker from page one about a girl who used to be a world class skier. Not my cup of tea since I can't read Danielle Steele anymore since I threw down Malice in disgust. It's the worst book ever! But a writer needs to read many genres so if I found this latest Steele novel in a cabin with no other books I'd probably give it a go.

We moved on from books to TV shows, which is just like the intermission where you top up on candy. TV is the sugary kin to books, but I love TV shows too so I'm no snob when it comes to TV shows. We talked about how we loved watching Supernatural and Being Human, though some in the group hadn't seen Being Human yet. Revolution got a good rap which I haven't managed to catch on TV yet. But all roads lead to books and that was how I came to recommend the novel Warm Bodies. I hadn't seen the movie but some at the table had. The book is great.

That led to my recommendation for a group member to read Robocalypse. I guess this is what they mean when they talk about word of mouth advertising. We talked for hours about books and TV shows and it was great to have this informal book club meeting at a family gathering. Usually we talk about renovations and work. We ate great food so why not enjoy food for the soul?  In the end I got a recommendation to read Children of the Dust. So I'm off to find a copy to hand in my verdict at our next family gathering.

How do your informal book club meetings go? Do they sound anything like this?


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