All my characters want for Christmas is...

I’ve written a list. I’ve checked it twice. I sent it to Santa, and then I realized I’d forgotten to get presents for some very important people in my life - my characters from my books. So I sent off emails to each of them and asked them what they wanted this year for Christmas. I'm not sure I can give them what they want, but here’s what they said anyway.

Jett Jones (The Bird With The Broken Wing)

“A car. I know there’s a fat chance of getting one, but I’m asking for a car anyway. If not a car, then a moped. Maybe the one like Audrey Hepburn rode in Breakfast At Tiffanys. I’m dying to be able to go somewhere on my own.”

Ethan James (Feedback)

“Now that I’m fit and healthy I’m making a comeback into ice hockey. I need new gear. Hockey stick. Skates. Helmet. Gloves. Protective gear. Everything. Championships, here I come!”

Rachael Messenger (The Bird With The Broken Wing)

“Angels don’t give or receive Christmas gifts, but if I had to choose something, I’d ask for some nice bath oil.”

Florida Bowman (Feedback)

“A plane ticket to audition for So You Think You Can Dance. I put my dancing career on hold while I waited for an organ donation. Actually, my mother gave it my sister and I got her painting lessons. I'm taking my life back. Look out world, here I come.”


Leo Culver (Little Red Gem)

“World peace. If I can't have that I don't want anything."

Jake Inala (Feedback)
“A skateboard. Video games. Replica guns and knives. Ninja stuff. Just don’t get me clothes.”

Ruby Parker (Little Red Gem)
"I have everything I want already. Hah, I’m kidding. Handbags. Shoes. Scarves. Sunglasses.”


Audrey Adams (Little Red Gem)

“A puppy. I wanted a puppy last year. I want a puppy this year. I'll never give up wanting a puppy. Arrgh, when will someone get me a puppy?”

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

See you in 2014.


D L Richardson is the author of speculative fiction. She has three teen novels and one short story anthology published. Her first novel reached number 2 at OmniLit and number 38 at Kobo Books. Her second reached number 1 at OmniLit. Little Red Gem is her third novel and recently won 2nd place Best Books of 2013 Paranormal Cravings. She lives in Australia on the NSW south coast with her husband and dog.

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