Interview with Brinda Berry on speaking at writer events

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One of the most important thing I've learned about a writer's journey is that it is never over. I am always learning. I am always asking other authors for advice. And as I'll be a guest speaker at a writer event in June, I thought this would be a great time to interview some writers who've had experience at this.
Today's interview is with romance/suspense author Brinda Berry. She lives in the southern US with her two spunky cairn terriers. It's an honour to have Brinda stop by to share her experiences, especially since Brinda has just come back from attending the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in New Orleans. (So jealous). 


D L: Every writer sits on one side of the pre-published stage until they finally get to sit behind the desk as a published author. What, for you was the biggest difference between the two sides?

Brinda: I worked hard in the pre-published stage, but I do believe the intensity increases once you're published. The biggest difference is the responsibility you feel for meeting deadlines (publisher set or self-imposed). It's always a feeling that you must move on to the next project. Writers today are producing so quickly and readers expect that.

 "Writers today are producing so quickly and readers expect that."
Brinda Berry
D L: Do you prefer being a member of the audience or the one on the stage/behind the desk?

Brinda: I love being on the stage and giving readers an emotional experience.

D L: Have you done an event alone or have they been joint events?

Brinda: I've participated in both. I think that joint events are such fun. Writers are very supportive. It's nice to help promote each other because it can feel awkward sometimes to promote yourself.
Chasing Luck, Brinda's latest release

D L: There were probably questions you always wanted to ask as a pre-published author, and then when you became a published author and got to speak to the next wave of pre-published authors, did you find they asked similar questions?

Brinda: Yes, but sometimes I want to answer the questions I wish I had asked. It's a case of "you don't know what you don't know." As a pre-published author, I had no idea that so much is expected beyond the actual writing. You may think I'm speaking of social media and promotion, but other aspects--like the business end of being an author--are as important as the writing.

D L: What sort of promotional material did you take with you? If so, what was the response to the product?

Brinda: For Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, I brought lots of paper items like collector cards and bookmarks. In a convention of this size, you must stand out because there are so many authors. I brought approximately twenty book swag necklaces. I handed this item to readers who specifically fell into my target audience. I wish I'd had more novelty items like that. The downside is the cost for doing that.

"I wish I'd had more novelty items like that. The downside is the cost for doing that."
Lore, a short story anthology co-written by Brinda Berry
D L: Did you contact the events or did they contact you?

Brinda: I believe I've contacted all the events I've attended. You have to be very proactive.

Thanks so much for sharing! Please leave a comment to thank Brinda for sharing her experiences with us. These are valuable tips.
You can check out more about Brinda Berry's novels at

P.S I have a copy of "Lore" in Read and Review pile. As soon as I've read it I'll post the review. It's only 99c for a limited time.


  1. Brinda, a great insight into your writerly life. I agree - there is never a day that I don't learn something. Usually it's from other writers, like yourself, and I'm so grateful to my writing colleagues for their generosity. Thank you Brinda and Deb, for a wonderful post, and a wonderful series on author talks.

  2. Thanks Noelle. I'm really enjoying hearing about other author's experiences, which reminds me that I'm waiting on a few more posts so I can share these, I'll have to chase up these shy people and get them to open up.


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