Product recall - Poison in the Pond - free replacement

Dear readers

Please accept my sincerest apologies. It was identified that there were typo errors in my horror/thriller novella "Poison in the Pond", and when I had a look, I realised the amount of typos was unacceptable, hence I am recalling it and replacing it free of charge.

It is not my belief that short reads, cheap reads, or free reads should be of a lesser quality. No matter whether a book contains 1,200 or 120,000 words, everything about that book should be of the highest quality. That means free of typos, good resolution on the book cover, easy to find, easy to read.

It's Murphy's Law that the moment you hit Send or Publish you'll notice the typo that you didn't during the previous 10 reads. In my case it is usually haste that causes me to skip over text. Instead of putting my proof reader's hat on, I sometimes put my reader's hat on. I get swept up in the story. But that's not acceptable. My readers deserve the best from me.

You may have downloaded this novella during the Kindle free period in October. You may have purchased it, or may have received it as a prize. However you obtained it, please note that it will be exchanged free of charge for the correct version.

How to obtain your free replacement copy:

1. Go to
Smashwords and use the Coupon Code QJ35A to download your new version.

2. Send an email to and you will be emailed the corrected version.

Many thanks for your understanding. Once again, my apologies for this inconvenience.


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