4 days left to nominate Welcome To The Apocalypse for Kindle Press

4 days left to nominate Welcome To The Apocalypse for Kindle Press.

It's "Ready Player One" for adults.

The campaign has gone well. I've had over 600 page views, the book has spent 24 hours in hot and trending, though they don't provide the number of nominations. Is this enough to get it published by Kindle Press? Only time will tell.

At the end of the day, it's not going to matter how many nominations a book gets, it has to be a good story, well written, and marketable.

Look out for the new cover which is what I've been working on during this campaign. I've also worked on the blurb and the content so that it's ready to go if I'm lucky to get a Kindle Press publishing deal.


What have I learned so far about this experience:

A strong cover will gain more attention. However, since it's taken me 25 days to get this cover how I like it, I'd only be starting my campaign now, and heading into Christmas, no thanks. So I went with the best cover at the time.

I also should have led with the logline "Ready Player One for adults".

I'm so glad I created a planner for all the promotion I've had to do to get this out to readers. It has kept me on track and forced me into action. When I look at the calendar and see "Goodreads" then I get on Goodreads and contact readers.

I hope I can count on your nomination. Be there at the start of this series. You can also sign up to receive my newsletter which will announce the release date.

D L Richardson


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