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What to do while your Kindle Scout campaign is running

I have 56,000 words of Book 2 ready to edit, but I've been getting the internals ready for the print galley, and working on the book far I've narrowed it down to these two covers.

My big dilemma. The votes are equal. People like the cover on the left, People like the cover on the right.

What do you think?

Now, bear in mind that while the saying is "You can't judge a book by it's cover" and while we all secretly do "just a book by it's cover" I can also provide countless evidence that many bestseller novels have been successful due to the content and not the cover.

This also applies to music. For example, Metallica and The Beatles both proved this in the 90s and 60s with their black and white covers.

A book cover certainly helps readers determine if they even want to read a book, but they are not the final word.

For example, "A Canticle For Saint Leibowitz" by Walter Miller is a book written in the late 1950s that has a decent enough cover but a blurb I would never in my life have chosen as a "Book I'd like to read". It was when I asked readers to tell me their favourite apocalyptic novels on an Amazon discussion that I was persuaded to buy this book. And it is one of my all time favourites.

Anyway, to give you a fair advantage, this is the newly edited blurb for Welcome To The Apocalypse. What do you think of the blurb and the cover? I'd really like to hear your thoughts.


"Players. Welcome to the apocalypse…" 

Kelly Lawrence is a grieving widow.
Jack Minnow is a website designer.
Reis Anderson is the son of a senator. 
Each of these players has their own reasons for signing up
to The Apocalypse Games, a state of the art virtual game
designed to entertain doomsday preppers, gamers, and
cosplayers. Over 100 people enter NASA designed
simulation pods and hook up to the mainframe computer
with one goal: survive one day of an apocalypse. 

Yet, instead of game over at the end, they’re plugged
straight into a new game. Then another. It’s clear the
computer has malfunctioned. What’s not clear is why.  

With no communication to or from the outside operators,
they can only fight endless battles and hope they’re
rescued before it’s too late. While they can’t die inside the
game, they can die if the pods break down while they’re
still hooked up. 

This game of survival just got real.


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