Coffee chat with Aussie indie author O.N Stefan, mystery thriller writer

The countdown to Christmas is on! This is where we panic that we haven't finished reading all the books we wanted to read, and here I am possibly adding more books to your 'consider pile'.

I'm joined today in my virtual café by an author and reader from Australia, O.N Stefan. O.N loves creating something from the world around her. Her characters are from everywhere and nowhere.

She loves reading mysteries, thrillers and fantasy but is known to read sci-fi or anything else that catches her attention.

For fans of O.N Stefan, O.N is currently working on the sequel to her first novel "The Deadly Caress".

D.L: Firstly, since this a virtual coffee chat, how do you have your coffee? Are you a morning or afternoon person?

O.N: I'm a herbal tea person and I drink tea any time of day. I love a cuppa first thing after my one hour morning walk where I think about what I'm writing that day.

D.L:  Your novels are suspense and thrilling. What is the most thrilling thing you've ever done, or what did you once do that scared you?

author O.N Stefan
O.N: When my main character was violated by a serial killer, I cried. I was most scared went on a helicopter ride over the MacDonald Ranges and there no doors and I was sitting right next to where the door should be. But I wouldn't have missed that ride for the world as the sights were amazing.

D.L:  Do you belong to any writing groups and how do these help you with your writing?

O.N: Some years ago, I belonged to a writing group but now I find some Facebook groups are my go to for help with any writing problems or just to share some news.

D.L: Are you the type of person who would go on the ghost train at the amusement park? Or do you live vicariously through your novels?

O.N: I love ghost trains and will go anywhere to gain a new experience. A couple of years ago, a crematorium had an open evening and I went along, even though I had to push through my fears of such a place.

D.L: How long have you been writing? And what is your biggest achievement so far?

O.N: I've been writing for about ten years. Initially, more off than on but now that my family and work is not making so many demands on my time, I write most days.  I guess my biggest achievement is when I rose to the top 10 in my category on Amazon with "Sleep Then My Princess"

D.L: And last question, what is your favourite biscuit and/or cake at the moment?

O.N: My favourite biscuit is a dark chocolate thin shortbread, in either orange or peppermint flavour, sold by Aldi. (no shares in that supermarket.) 
ABOUT the book
"Sleep Then My Princess" is an emotional thriller set in Arizona. While mourning the death of her husband, Senior Tissue Engineer, Stephani Robbins, is plagued by recurring visions of a child being locked up in a chicken coop. Meanwhile, someone is sending her creepy love poems, roses, and photos that have been taken without Stephani's knowledge. As more photos appear, the police suspect that Stephani has hired someone to take these photos. Before she can convince the police to take her seriously, she is kidnapped. While imprisoned she discovers why she has been having these visions and it is more chilling than she ever imagined. Can she make it out alive?
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O.N Stefan, thanks so much for dropping by my Virtual café. The best bit about my virtual café is the virtual calories from all the virtual cake.

And to all the readers who dropped by, thank you for showing you support in my Aussie indie author spotlight. More coffee chats to come.

Best wishes


  1. Enjoyed the coffee chat - thanks D L and O N :) Sleep Now My Princess sounds truly chilling.

  2. Hi Jeanette, Just to tell you a little about the background on the birth of this story. When I was a child, I heard my parents discussing the neighbor who lived across the road from the friends place. The woman used to look after a child during the week. This child slept in the chicken coop winter and summer and was only cleaned up when her mother came to pick her up on Friday night. I don't know if this woman was reported to the authorities. This stayed with me but I didn't act upon it until I read news article that echoed the above situation while I was holidaying in Arizona and I knew I had to write this story.
    Great to share a virtual tea and cake. O. N. Stefan.


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