Goosebumps for adults

I know what I'm writing next!!!!

It seems that the first novel I ever wrote Poison in the Pond (fully completed, let's not count the half-written mess that was my first novel ever!) is a little sleeper coming awake, like Snow White.

It's a 30K word novella, about 100 pages, selling for 99c cents on Amazon, and ever since I slapped on a new cover and changed the blurb it's been selling rather well. It's a hit with the Kindle Unlimited downloads too, so it's confirmed what book - or should I say books - I'll be writing next.
Goosebumps for adults.

I'd always planned on writing companion novellas for Poison in the Pond. And now I know that if readers are buying and downloading "Poison in the Pond", then I must write more in the series. I've decided I'll call it the Shiver novellas.

If you're eagerly anticipating Book 2 and 3 in the "Welcome to the Apocalypse" Series, have no fear. Book 2 is released on June 8 and Book 3 will be out early 2018.

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