My To Be Written pile is as huge as my To Be Read pile

I like tick lists. I think most authors do. They keep me on track. Given that 2017 is almost halfway through, I thought I'd write a quick list of the books I'd like finished by the end of this year.
98% complete
Title:       "Welcome to the Apocalypse - CyberNexis" (Book 2)
Genre:    Sci-fi
Length:   100K novel
Status:    almost finished and on track for release on June 8
50% complete
Genre:    Murder mystery
Length:   70K novel
Status:    57K words written and needs to have scenes added then an edit
Genre:   Romance
Length:  70-80K novel
Status:   100K written and needs to be edited
40% complete
Genre:    Women's fiction
Length:   70-80K novel
Status:    100K written and needs to be severely edited
Genre:    Science-Fiction
Length:   10-15K short story
Status:    15K written and needs to be edited
2% complete
Title:        "Evil in the Embers" - A Shivers novella
Genre:     Horror
Length:   30K novellas
Status:    Overview written and I've created a cover!!
0% complete
Title:        "Mayhem in the Morgue" - A Shivers novella
Genre:     Horror
Length:   30K novellas
Status:    I've created a cover!!"Mayhem in the Morgue"

Did you know...
The first story in the Shivers series "Poison in the Pond" started out as a novel. Not just any novel, but my first ever completed novel. I wrote this book in 1996 and then it was put into the drawer for many years until I finally dragged it out to submit to a horror anthology. When it came time to editing, my 100K word novel became a 30K word novella. That was one tough edit. I'd always planned more companion novellas, and I'm finally locking myself into writing them.

I think that's enough work on my plate for now. Some of these are books that I wrote prior to my first YA novel being published. Some are 100,000 word novels, so it'll be interesting to see how they end up after the edits. I honestly can't believe that I wrote 100K novels. Back then, they'd taken 3 years to write. Now they take much less.

I'll need to be writing every single day for the rest of the year to achieve this goal.


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