Day three of shedding the kilos for summmer - an author's journey

Day Three of my health kick is almost over. It's been easy to justify sticking to my plan now that I have to confess to everything I eat, drink, and do. I've been very exhausted of late, recovering from a virus I caught at Supernova in June. It has left me with less fitness than before the virus. But I think I'm finally get on top of it.

I think my biggest thing to give up is drinking alcohol during the week. What happens when you work part time is that Wednesday is your Friday so you have a glass of wine. Then Thursday is also your Friday, so you have a glass of wine. Then the real Friday arrives. Then it's the weekend. I reckon I could easily lose a few kilos just from cutting out the wines during the week.

We shall see. Often, when we give up one thing, we replace it with another.

Wednesday Food:
Small mango smoothie with soy milk
1 scrambled egg and ham on English muffin

Morning snack:

leftover pork mince, cabbage, carrot and rice chow mien from last night's inner.
It's a store bought recipe mix, it's as easy as follow the instructions.

Afternoon snack:
someone brought a couple of chocolate with raspberry filling cookies into the office. I had one. It was delicious. Then I ate the muesli bar I was meant to eat for my morning snack.

Home made chicken and vegetables with pad Thai noodles.

Wednesday Exercise:
40 minutes walk with the dog in the morning.
15 minute jog at lunchtime.

This is my dog Teeka powerwalking at the beach last week.

Tomorrow's post will be delayed while I go for a walk in some local caves and camp overnight. I'll share pics soon.

Thank you for reading about my health kick.


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