Day Two of shedding the kilos for summer - an author's journey

Day one of my health kick was easy. So far so good. Part of the commitment to shedding the winter kilos is to give up drinking alcohol unless I'm at a social event. I've had a rough day at work with a challenging payroll, and I'd love a glass of red wine, and I told myself to hold off, but I had a glass of red wine.

Summer is coming and I need to do something serious about shedding those few extra kilos I’ve put on over winter and from being sedentary while editing and writing and gorging on Netflix. 

Day Two

Monday Food

Breakfast:      Scrambled egg tortilla + black coffee

Snack:           Banana + black coffee

Lunch:           Lentil dhal with 4 microwaved poppadums

Tip to make healthy scrambled eggs is to whisk free-range eggs in a microwave container, add salt, pepper, and chopped chives, then heat on 30 second to 1 minute intervals (so they don't explode).

You can also make healthy omelet tortillas by adding chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, slices of ham or chicken, capsicum (peppers). Just don't load on the cheese.

Snack:            Lime cake (it's butter cake soaked with sweetened lime juice)

Dinner:           Pork mince, with carrot and cabbage and rice in a chow mien seasoning.

Alcohol: 1 glass of red wine.


Tuesday Exercise  

Morning:        walked the dog for 40 minutes

Okay, Day Two was pretty easy as well to stick to the plan, let's see how the rest of the week goes.

Also, Day Two was a n 8 hours non-stop payroll day where I didn't even get up for lunch, so I should have gone for a walk after work, but I didn't.

I have to admit that recording the daily intake of food and exercise is making me stick to the goal of staying healthy. Whenever someone at work brings out the cake or cookies, I'm thinking that I will have to record this, so it makes it easier to say "no thanks".


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