Oz Comic-Con indie author alley - D L Richardson


The time is almost upon me to pack the car with books and merchandise and head to Australia's version of Comic-Con. In June this year I attended SupaNova, and it was my first time as a stall holder. One thing a few customers said was, while they love books they just couldn't fit any more in their house. And it's not easy to sell ebooks at a stall though I did have bookmarks made up with the scan code. So I created a range of products to sell that weren't books but were still part of the franchise. And hey, I own the franchise, so why not be like George Lucas and Disney?
I'll sell t-shirts, book bags, artwork as well as all of my seven book titles. Here's a sample of the goods I'll be selling. I hope to be able to sell these online as well. But first I have to figure out what sort of online store I want.

I hope to see you there.
Oz Comic-Con
Darling Harbour International Convention Centre
September 30 - October 1, 2017



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