Dear Trophy Hunter, this is what a house of animal memorabilia looks like

Any animal lover on Facebook and Twitter will have seen the news feeds this week about lifting the ban on elephant hunting and the feeds about making it legal to hunt bears in hibernation. Seriously? What. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. These. People?
Whether fake news or not, these sorts of stories impact animal lovers. Deeply. I guess they know this and that's why they do it.
I decided today's post would be a collection of all the animals décor in my house to show trophy hunters what a real collection looks like. And if it's the story they seek as a reason to hunt innocent creatures, I got news for you, each of these items has a story behind it and no animals were killed in the collecting of them. 
I love the story behind this gorgeous art deco elephant. A friend gave  it to me as a thank you for minding her dog. He passed away the next year so this is a beautiful reminder of when Bruti came to stay.
art deco elephant sits on my book shelf
this ceramic vase zebra head looks better as a book end

And this stunning zebra print has a story. I saw this while I was working as a sales rep (yeah I did a lot of shopping in between store visits) and I absolutely loved it. It wasn't cheap so I put it on lay-by and paid it off over a course of months. It was my Christmas present to myself. This print has moved to many houses with me and will continue to do so.

I like how the eye is always watching

Then there's a glass horse and cart that I saw at a collective garage sale (that's where a group of people hire a hall and display all their home crafts or second hand goods) and I also bought this stunning photo of a deer that the photographer digitally designed and it's housed in the frame my sister bought me.


 I certainly don't mean to bore you with images of the animal wares I've collected over the years. This is a giant poke at trophy hunters who have no true understanding of what a collection should be. There is absolutely no need to aim a rifle at an animal in sport, shoot it dead, cut off it's head, mount it on a wall, and feel proud that you did that to an innocent creature. I mean, come on. There are better ways to show your love of animals.
This zebra print was at a yard sale and despite having a bucket load of zebra print in my home, and I just couldn't resist.
it's #001 of a limited print

 The following are a few pieces I've bought while out on retail therapy days.
I adore my little moon gazing rabbit
This is the living beast who rules our house. She even has her own animal print throw rugs. My collection of images doesn't even include the framed photos of our beloved pooch hanging on the walls.
wild beast who terrorises the villagers
This year's Christmas decoration is a moss deer and a tiny bird on the tree. I think anyone can see how obsessed a person can become with animals. Doesn't mean I want to go out there and shoot them.

 These two prints of a lion and a zebra in a decoupage design have also travelled with me from house to house. They go through the process of being painted to suit the current décor, at the moment they're blue. You can't recolor the head of a lion, now can you, dear trophy hunter.

The point of this post is to show how a home can be filled with a wonderful collection that has taken years to gather, without the need to hunt and kill.

I hope everyone has enjoyed having a look through my home. All of these photos are straight up as they sit in my home on shelves and cabinets, I did not want to doctor these photos to make them look like they are in a sales catalogue.

I'll finish by saying this:
Dear Trophy Hunter, this is what a house of animal memorabilia looks like. Come round and have a look. But don't expect to leave with certain parts of your anatomy still attached.


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