How I'm marketing 7 fiction titles

It's something all authors dream about, having lots of books published. I have 7 titles, 3 standalone young adult, 2 apocalyptic series, and 2 supernatural thriller series. The marketing potential is increased by having a broad range, both standalone and series. But it also means a lot of work.

How do I market my 7 fiction titles? With a plan.

Christmas is also around the corner, and while it can be easy to push the latest or the best selling title, my earlier books can easily get overlooked, and I still love them as much as I love the new book. So I make sure that each year I include them in all of my marketing plans.

What I'm doing for the rest of this year and next is taking one title per month and focusing all my promotion on that one title.

First up is "One Little Spell". It's a young adult title about a girl who dies and uses a magic spell to return from the grave, but there's a catch. She can't return in her body. She finds a host and is convinced her boyfriend will know it's really her. She gets into a lot of trouble with magic, because she's not a witch. The book also features music.

My plan for this book is to write blog posts about magic and music and fairy tales. I've also created banners for the book and for Christmas.


Seeing as Christmas is around the corner, I'll create banners for each title, plus banners for the series. Then I'll aim to make have holiday banners and Easter banners.
This gives me an increased number of promotion opportunities. I can bundle the young adult titles into one banner, bundle the supernatural thrillers as well as promote individually, and I can bundle the apocalyptic series, as well as do some profile banners for Book 2, considering there are hundreds of sales of Book 1, so I need to target these readers with Book 2 and also let them know that Book 3 is coming.
So the plan looks like this and includes 2 new 2018 releases:
Nov: One Little Spell + Christmas banners + blog posts
Dec: Welcome to the Apocalypse Book 1 + Christmas banners + blog posts
Jan: The Bird with The Broken Wing + new year banners + blog posts
Feb: Resident Spy + blog posts + pre-order campaign + Danger in the Dirt new release
Mar: Evil in the Embers + summer/winter banners + blog posts
Apr: Welcome to the Apocalypse Book 2 + birthday banner + Book 3 coming banners + blog posts + paid online promo
May: Danger in the Dirt + blog posts
Jun: Welcome to the Apocalypse Book 3 + blog posts + paid online promo
Jul: Poison in the Pond + summer/winter banners + blog posts
This is a lot of marketing. I have a plan, but like all plans, things may change.
Do you have a marketing plan? Is it vastly different to this? I hope these tips help you, and fee free to share any tips you might have.


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