Coffee chat with writer, violinist, and language teacher T. E. Mark

My virtual café has taken me to many places over the world. Australia, United States, Canada, India, and now the UK with an author of eclectic writing  styles T. E Mark.

When I say eclectic, I meant that he writes in four different styles of fiction and non fiction from satire to serious. For me, writing in different styles takes a great deal of re-training, hence why I'm sticking with speculative fiction for now. So hats off to authors who can manage this. It says a lot about why some people write. Some authors may choose to stick to a brand, or write under pseudonyms for different genres. As author T. E Mark states:

Life may be different than the way we perceive it. In many ways, it should be different.
This is why I write.
DL: Firstly, since this is a coffee chat, how do you have your coffee (or not as has been the case)? And what is your favourite time of the day to partake?

T. E. MARK: I don't drink coffee or (believe it or not) even tea. Nothing caffeinated.

DL: For my coffee chats, I like to do a bit of cyber stalking to get a sense of a person outside of the box. With you, I'm finding it difficult to track you down outside of your blog (not that there's anything wrong with that). But is this approach a conscious effort to remain under the radar, or has it just panned out that way? Or is there another reason?

T. E. MARK: Just panned out that way. I read, write and play the violin so much I find networking diligence and internet maintenance difficult.

DL: You go into depths about the reality of space and time on your blog, which I've read and simply love because I agree that science and philosophy go so well together. And they should. What are a few philosophical messages in your novels? And if you had to pick just one of these to offer up to a new word leader, what would it be?

T. E. MARK: write in three, actually four, very different styles.

1) Humorous satire typically in space or the future. Or both. My message varies. I take on Bigotry, violence, politics, acceptance, organised religion and basically all other human absurdities. I'm also a major peace warrior.

 2) Serious sci-fi. Basically the same messages, but I also mix in our psychotic affinity for weapons, and ignominious pursuit of technology for destructive purposes.

3) YA fantasy. Peace. Acceptance. Honour. Decency. Anti war anti weapons.
4) Serious science. Non fiction. No real message here. Depends on the piece.

DL: T. E. Mark is a sort-of mirror image of Mark. E Thomas. Is there a particular influence for this reflective use of your pseudonym.

T.E MARK: It is indeed a mirror reflection of my real name. M E Thomas has a bad ring to it. Sounds like Me Thomas you Jane. So I flipped it.

DL: And lastly, are you a biscuit or cake kind of person? And what is your favourite biscuit/cake?

T.E MARK: I'm a total vegetarian health and fitness person who blends vegetables and fruits and cycles 25 km each day. I eat almost no sweets. But, I've developed this near irrational affinity for Macadamia nut cookies. Weird. Like a heroin addiction. So, yes. Macadamia nut cookies and I'm a happy writer / violinist / language teacher. 

DL: Thank you for dropping into my virtual café. Good luck with all your endeavours.


Mark E. Thomas is a Freelance Writer, Author, Language Teacher and Violinist. He has studied Music, History and Literature in the UK, and in the US.

Mr Thomas has written novels for young and adult readers and a selection of science articles for national and international magazines.
Mark uses the penname T. E. Mark for all his literary works.
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