My Top 10 scary sounds, movies, books, places and everything else!

To celebrate this Friday the 13th I’ve put together a Top 10 list of things that scare me or fascinate me about the occult.
 I also asked readers to tell me what scared them. Scroll to the bottom to read what scares some of my readers.
1. Dolls, Clowns, and Creepy Marionettes
I was about 10 years old when I watched a cop show on TV, and there was a scene with a porcelain doll sitting in the backyard at night. Children playing with dolls are okay. It’s when dolls are sitting there on their own waiting for someone to play with them that they creep me out. Because dolls eventually get fed up with waiting and they come to life and seek to kill us for ignoring them. Clowns and puppets five me the same creep factor, and if you make a clown or creepy doll into a marionette. What on earth is the fascination with crafting creepy clowns into puppets? They were all the craze when I was growing up. Someone in the neighbourhood would spend ages creating clowns that hung from the ceiling. No. Just no.
2. Ghosts and ghostly photos
Special effects teams have obviously spent many in a round room with donuts to find out exactly what effects work best to chill us. Ghosts with dark eyes, flickering images, pale skin. And how about people who take photos and see images in them.
 How about when people take a photo and imagines appear in the picture?
Here's a link to 26 photos with ghostly images.
3. Haunted houses

While I would visit a haunted house in the daytime, I’m not sure I’d do at night. But I love the appeal of an abandoned house.
Good news Australians! There are plenty of ghosts tours in Australia. Is it weird that while I’d be terrified, I also want to visit these places. What if I held a book launch there?
Check out some of these links:

 On a personal note: I’ve been to Port Arthur in Tasmania and I can attest to the spookiness of the place, and it’s not merely because in recent years of the gun massacre there. That disaster occurred in a good distance from the old jails. They are eerie to walk around. I don’t think I’d go there at night.

4. Abandoned amusement parks

There’s something appealing about abandoned amusement parks. This is where fun goes to die. Perhaps I have no inner child left. But I do imagine who might live there now that all the patrons have gone.
Here’s a few list of the creepiest abandoned amusement parks. I could easily set up a home amongst these ruined parks.

5. Scariest movies as a kid

The two scary movies that gave me nightmares as a kid were Hell Raiser and Nightmare on Elm Street.
I saw “Hell Raiser” with school friends and couldn't get the idea of a body being torn apart by hooks out of my head (sorry if that's a spoiler). I watched “Nightmare on Elm Street” with my boyfriend and didn't want to go to sleep.
I judge all scary movies based on whether or not I jump into bed to avoid anything under it grabbing me, or avoid going to the bathroom and switching on the light. And yes, I have a shower curtain in my bathtub, so there’s good reason to fear going to the bathroom.

6. Scariest sound
This one’s easy. Dead children’s voices coming over a radio or TV during a poltergeist invasion, or children’s ghostly giggles in a haunted house. Sends shivers up my spine.
Did you know you can download scary sounds. Here's a link to a site that provides free scary sounds.

7. Scary stories
We've all heard of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, yet the scariest stories I've read still have to be fairy tales. Seriously, as a kid I adored reading tales from The Brothers Grimm, but they're full of witches, tricksters, magic, deception, eating children, sleeping beauties, enchantments, stealing children. All the good elements of a scary story.
Scary stories are perfect to tell around a campfire. I remember going off to a camp in my early teens and the teacher told us all a ghost story.

 8. Goth Clothes, Fancy Dress, and Fashion
There is something romantic and beautiful about gothic clothing. Fashion is an integral part of horror movies such as "The Crow", "Dracula", "Interview with the Vampire". Frills and lace are the staple of many a gothic dress. Plus there's a lot of boot wearing, and boots are my favourite shoes.

9. The dead, the undead, the living, and the mythical 

I've put scary characters into four categories. The living, the dead, the undead, and the mythical.
The living includes homicidal maniacs and axe-wielding killers, mostly found lurking around  cabins in the woods or school campgrounds where teenagers are bound to hang out. This list also includes witches, Satanists, psychopaths, sociopaths, and just plain evil and/or crazy people.
The dead are ghosts or spirits from the afterlife, often found hanging around houses, graveyards, and sometimes possessing cars, houses and people. Bad spirits and demons can be sent back to where they came from.
The undead are the zombies and vampires of the world. They were once human but are now the walking dead, therefore they are often found in suburban areas, they're often our neighbours, and they can't die because, well they're already dead.
Then there are the mythical characters. This list includes ghouls, goblins, ogres, leprechauns, ogres, shape shifters.
10. Ouija boards, tarot cards, and crystal balls
 Scary characters require scary tools. The instruments that I find the scariest are Ouija boards. As a teenager a group of friends created one and we had some scary fun one afternoon. Ah, the things teens get up to. No wonder many movies features teens as targets.
Readers gave examples of what scared them the most:
Snakes (Gloria)
I know of some people who are so terrified of snakes, they can't even touch a picture of them.
Little things with wings... roaches, moths... flying insects (Mark)
I can understand this fear. Though, interesting fact - Supernatural TV show had a bugs episode in the first season and the TV directors said it wouldn't work. turns out these things are scary in real life. Probably also means that people like big monsters.
Spiders (Debs)
What's so terrifying about this? Plenty if they're in the house with you.
Razor sharp teeth (Sarah)
This would include alligators, crocodiles, dinosaurs, and of course sharks.
 Tree branches banging on the window (Frances)
I once was told a story of a woman who'd fallen asleep with one arm slung over her shoulder, and in the middle of the night she jerked in her sleep and she woke up terrified that someone had tapped her on the shoulder. Her window was open. She closed the window, checked the house, but got no more sleep that night. And I stopped sleeping in that position, too.
Small spaces (Debs)
 Think coffins, shafts, wells, lack of air, hiding in cupboards, hiding in logs, running away from someone or something trying to kill you and you can see why some people are terrified of small spaces.
Machete wielding maniacs (Debs)
Self-explanatory, but I feel there is a story behind this. Maybe one day it will appear in a one of my "Shivers Novellas"
Thanks for reading about the scary things that fascinate me as much as scare me. happy Friday the 13th!!!

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