Interview with Jason Nugent about audiobooks


I've had Jason Nugent on my blog before for a coffee chat and today I decided to invite him back to talk about audiobooks.

DL: How did you go about getting your book on audiobook?

Jason: Last September at an event called PennedCon, I talked to a fellow author named Eric Asher. I asked him about audiobooks while we were waiting for a presentation. He told me about using ACX and the ability to do a Royalty Share project where I wouldn't have to put up money for a narrator, however the narrator would get half the royalties, for the books for 7 years. It didn't take me long to decide to try it. No upfront costs sounded good to me and I figured half of something is better than nothing. I put my first book "The Selection" up for audition and received several offers, most not as good as I'd like. I did have a narrator early on that I waited too long to reply to and lost him., but that turned out for the best. I received an audition on Thanksgiving Day from Paul Jenkins and I jumped at the chance.

DL: Have readers been positive about the additional format? It's one thing to hear of a new fad in publishing, but another when it comes to readers picking it up.

Jason: Yeah, they've been really receptive to it. I've had several new readers who had yet to read my books listen to it on Audible. It certainly can't hurt to have it available in as many formats as possible.

DL: What were the good points of the exercise? What were the bad points of the exercise?

Jason: The best part is listening to my story read by someone else and how Paul emphasizes various parts of the story. It beings much life to it.

I guess the main drawback is wading through auditions that aren't quite up to par. it really isn't much of a drawback I full encourage any author to try the audiobook route.

DL: What was the cost to produce the audiobook?

Jason: For me, nothing. Going with the royalty option, I pay nothing up front. The price for that is sharing my royalties with Paul for seven years but it's well worth it to me. Honestly, I hope he makes way more on it over time than we both expected. he deserves to be paid for his work. I know some authors will scoff at the idea of having to share their money with someone else for that long but I'm comfortable with it. Would you rather reach new readers or not? Besides, with it out there as an avenue to earn money, why not? I'd like to have some money versus none of it.

DL: Do you have plans to get all your books into audiobooks?

Jason: Maybe. My trilogy will be. Paul will be doing the last book in the series and it should be out in June. After that, I have a couple horror novels planned to release and I might put them on audiobook too. I'm not sure I'll do my short story collections, but we'll see.

Thanks Jason. Very interesting information here for authors new to the audiobook format, myself included. I'll be checking it out.

You can read more of Jason's work on his website here


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