How I chose my book title for "Earth Quarantined"

Writers are often asked how they came up with the title for a book or series. Some books go through many working titles, others have a confirmed title from day one. that's what happened to "Welcome to the Apocalypse", "The bird with the Broken Wing", and "Poison in the Pond". However, two of my young adult titles have had names changes.

One mistake I made in one of my YA titles was coming up with a title that readers had to read the story to get. That's fine if you can get readers to read the book, but what if they're relying on cover and title to be convinced?

My current series "Earth Quarantined" has undergone many rewrites and has had many names.

It began life as "The Disregarded", but before that it had a few other working titles which I can't even recall. Then it became "Sacrifice the Many" because I did a James Patterson online writing course and my brain was thinking in terms of thriller. While pitching this book to agents, one agent suggested I change the title to "The Hive" and so I did.

But the book still wasn't quite right. I took inspiration from TV shows like "The Expanse" and "Altered Carbon" to expand on my world and take it out of just two character's heads.

I then had a working title of "Divinity" because it suited the storyline. But it was during cover creation that I came up with the title "Earth Quarantined". I was chatting with a few people about the covers and explaining the story. When I mentioned the plot, the title popped into my head.

This name has stayed there ever since.

I can't wait to reveal the cover...when it's finally confirmed. If you think I've undergone many names changes, you should see the mockups for the cover. Today I'm 100% happy with the covers for the trilogy. Tomorrow, who knows. I have until Oct 10 to confirm, because that's the cover reveal date. 


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