Launching a book is a lot like planning a wedding

It's 8 days till release. I have 5 browsers open on the computer; multiple word documents and excel spreadsheets all keeping track of the blog posts and reviewers I've sent materials to; plus I have my notepad and dozens of post-its with all the last minute things that still need to be done before Earth Quarantined is officially released on November 15.

Planning a book launch is a lot like planning a wedding. I worry that the weather will ruin everything, I worry that I've forgotten something major, I worry that nobody will show up, I worry that I paid too much for the frills.

So it's 8 days before release and I've been getting up at 5am to answer emails and send out the review copies and create banners for the pre-tour buzz. My notepad has gone from one page of things to do, to 3 pages. I've got ads booked, ads planned. I'm contacting publicity companies for rates to compare what I'm doing versus what they'll do. The newsletters are still to go out. Someone showed a photo on Facebook of a cake with the book cover as the icing and now I want one of those...

What's a wedding without cake, after?

It's 8 days out and the ebooks are uploaded and available for pre-order. Next up is to upload the print files and write one more guest post for the book tour. Everything is coming together, but there's still things to do. Like a wedding, there's always those last minute changes and extra guests you have to find a way to include into the plans.

Like any event planner, my biggest worry is that nobody will show up or support me on the day. I'm counting solely on my planning to get me as much exposure as I can afford. I'm still drumming up business, and I will still be drumming up business even after release.

Part of that drumming up business is calling out for reviewers. It's 8 days out and I'm still happy to accept sign up to the blog book tour and reviewers. If you're interested in being the first to read and review this new sci-fi thriller, you can sign up via Goodreads Group Shut Up & Read. Link below:

I'm so excited about this release. It's my best book yet. I hope you check it out and enjoy it.



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