Monday, 26 August 2019

New cover, new blurb - when the old ones just aren't working

My teen paranormal romance book, "One Little Spell " has a gorgeous new book cover and an updated blurb that I'm so pleased to share with everyone.

When 17 year old Ruby Parker dies and becomes a ghost, she discovers how one little spell can reunite her with her true love. But with all magic, there is a catch. She cannot return from the afterlife in her own body. What happens next is a magical journey of mayhem while Ruby tries to fix the problems from when she was alive. Instead, she discovers that her death has set off a chain of events that can’t be stopped. Can she trust magic to help her fix this new mess? Or will she slip quietly into the afterlife and leave everything she loves behind?

A unique paranormal romance that will have you believing in true love forever. And ever. And ever.

“Brilliant paranormal read.”
“This was a marvellous book.”
“Great book for teens and adults.”

Author note: This book was originally published as "Little Red Gem". This version has a new chapter at the end. Everything else is the same.

A little bit on the background of this change:

A lot has changed since I published my one and only paranormal romance young adult fiction book. It was published as "Little Red Gem". This was in 2014 and I had no money or any idea of how to purchase book covers. I downloaded software and created a book cover that I thought was great.

Fast forward two years, and with very few sales for this title, I realized it needed to undergo a make-over. Part of this makeover was to also change the title.

"Little Red Gem" had meaning to the story, however readers had to read the story to get it. The problem was, I wasn't getting readers. So the meaning was lost. I changed the title to "One Little Spell" because that had a much more targeted appeal. It instantly said this was magical book.

And I hired my first ever professional cover designer, to work over all three of my YA books. I provided the specifications, even the artwork images for what I wanted, because "One Little Spell" isn't a typical urban fantasy/paranormal romance. Hey, why write something typical when I can write something unique and make life difficult for myself when trying to reach a targeted audience.

I was very happy with the book cover. It is beautiful. Sadly, it has not done its job, which is first and foremost TO ATTRACT READERS.

Now, one could argue that it was the old blurb and not the cover, or maybe both. That's why I'm overhauling both.

Like I said, a lot has changed in five years. I've gotten better at cover design and writing blurbs.

I hope you love this new cover as much as I do and you're willing to give the book a chance. to capture your imagination.

Available in ebook and print at all good online book stores.

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