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D L Richardson started writing fiction in 1996. It was while playing bass guitar and singing in a rock band that she decided to switch her creative focus to writing. She sold her equipment and hasn't stopped writing fiction since.

She is a bookish person, and novels are known to spill out from all crevices of her house, yet growing up her parents couldn't afford to buy books so she was often found in the library on a beanbag with her nose in a fictional world. She still confesses that her favourite novels are those from her childhood: The Hobbit, Tuck Everlasting, Black Beauty.

She began writing at a time when her favourite novels were from horror writers such as Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, and she penned a few tales about vampires and supernatural monsters though most of these earlier works remain unfinished. In 2005 her first short story about time travel was published, then a few more short stories were published, but her passion was always for writing novels. She decided her stories were well suited to young adults and immediately found success when her novel The Bird with the Broken Wing was accepted by an American small-press publisher.

Two more young adult novels followed, yet once more she was drawn by the influences of King, Koontz, and Rice and in 2014 she re-worked one of her earlier novels Poison in the Pond into a novella, marking the return of writing for adults.

Not one to accept being put into a box, D L Richardson writes speculative fiction for anyone who likes a twist in their tale. She now has six books published and is working on an apocalyptic series and a dystopian novel.


  1. Thanks for this coffee chat. In February, Cat Sparks is publishing her cli-fi novel ''Lotus Blue." I hope you can interview her sometime this year too about her novel and background behind it. I think her publisher is in New York but of course, she lives in Australia. Cheers, -- dan Bloom in Taiwan at The Cli-Fi Report www.cli-fi.Net

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