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Shout out to my Kindle Unlimited readers. UNLOCK THE DOOR ON 10 GREAT SCI-FI AND SUPERNATURAL READS.

First time ever that all D L Richardson books are exclusive to Kindle Unlimited. Shout out to my Kindle Unlimited readers.UNLOCK THE DOOR ON 10 GREAT SCI-FI AND SUPERNATURAL READS.

If this is you... all my books are now free to read on the Kindle Unlimited Program. which means you get to read them for free!!!

INCLUDING these bestselling titles:

Welcome to the Apocalypse - Pandora (Book 1) #1 bestseller Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction and TV, Movie & Game Tie-in - Amazon US, UK, AU

Resident Spy #1 best seller Children's Bereavement ebooks and #1 Death & Dying - AmazonCA, AU, UK

This is a limited-time promotion. Ends 24 Dec 2019. After which books will be back out into Kobo, iBooks, and Nook land.

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