Thursday, 24 January 2013

Conflux 9, April 2013 - workshop and panel session


Conflux 9 – The 52nd Australian National Science Fiction Convention
Rydges Capital Hill, Canberra ACT
April 25-28 2013
I've recieved in my inbox the confirmation for the Conflux 9 convention I'm participating is as a workshop holder and panel member.
Workshop - Focus on the message not the messenger - navigating the marketing minefield
Panel session - Elegant promotion or just plain annoying - Promoting yourself with social media. The tips and traps of promoting books, films, events or your sense of humour. Take a journey through good and bad examples. This panel discusses various pros and cons of reaching audiences in this digital age.

I've also put in requests for a few other panel sessions which I think are suitable, so fingers crossed I get chosen. Anyone wishing to check out the entire program can do so here Conflux 9

Steampunk outfit
Conflux has organized a Steampunk High Tea at 3pm Thursday 25 April 2013. Here's what an attendee ought to wear.

Here's the bio I put together for the program:

D L Richardson (Debbie) has a background in sales in marketing within the music and film industry, and when she landed a publishing contract with small press publisher based in the US and had to do her own promoting, she fell back on this experience. She writes young adult fiction that blends paranormal elements with real teen issues and is committed to delivering YA fiction that ignites, excites, and delights her readers. Her novels The Bird With The Broken Wing and Feedback are widely available through online retailers and she is soon to release her third novel Little Red Gem. She has contributed on many blogs with interview and guest posts, and as well as her author blog she runs a sister-site dedicated to teens called InterestTeen. Her website is When she’s not writing she likes to play the piano and guitar.

I'll keep you updated as more details come to hand.

D L Richardson

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