Sunday, 3 February 2013

Coffee chat with Aussie photographer Mark Seabury

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D L Richardson's Coffee Chat with...
Aussie photographer Mark Seabury

Mark Seabury is a photography with a real eye for colour. His photos are absolutely amazing. Mark lives on the Australian east coast, more specially the northern beaches of NSW, and he says on his website: “I understand that as life goes by, our most enduring treasures are our memories and I hope to capture as many of these special moments as I possibly can.” Mark has won awards and his photos feature in magazines and more recently the above photo features of "Australia's" Facebook page on their Australia Day album. It is my pleasure today to invite Mark in for a virtual coffee chat.
D L: Firstly, how do you have your coffee and what’s your favourite time of the day to indulge?
Mark: I love coffee and making it at home is one of my passions. I have a small strong flat white in the morning and again in the afternoon.

D L: Of all the different styles of photography you specialise in, which is the one you enjoy most?

Mark: It varies but at the moment its the underwater surf photography, I really enjoy capturing the view from below.

D L: Are animals and kids as difficult to work with as legend states?

Mark: Oh yes, the years I have spent planning and waiting to capture a fully breached whale with the Sydney skyline in the background, I think planets actually aligned for me on that day. Kids are easy, patience is the key here and the rewards are priceless.

D L: Are your photographs at home stored neatly in photo albums or on discs, or do you, like a tradesman whose house is the most in need of work just check them away in boxes saying, like a tradesman, that you’ll get around to storing them properly one day?

Mark: I am a little paranoid about my digital files and have them catalogued well, backed up on hard drives and one set is kept off site in case of a fire.

D L: The one thing you’d tell your teenage self about photography is...

Mark: Read lots of photography magazines, look at influential photographs past and present, understand your camera, understand the rules of photography and know when to break them, travel, get out and shoot. Enjoy!

Want to learn more?:
For those budding photogrpahers who live in Sydney, Mark Seabury also runs a workshop comprising of two sessions:

Session one - a location shoot learning camera settings and shooting techniques.

Session two - Back at the studio learning all about downloading, software, editing and then printing and matting one of your photos to take home.

Contact details:
Mark Seabury Photography

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Just a reminder that these photos are subject to copyright. They are available to purchase or to licence by contacing Mark Seabury.


  1. I met Mark at a family BBQ and when he showed me his photos I went "I just have to help promote these." Doing what I can. Thanks for dropping by.
    D L xoxo