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Organ donation awareness week - fiction ebook giveaway

It's organ donation awareness week in Australia. Running from Sunday 24 February to Sunday 3 March, I'm going to run a giveaway of my latest novel "Feedback" for a full month.

About Donate Life Week:

Donate Life Week is a week where the public can discover facts about organ donation, decide on organ donation, and discuss their wishes with their family members. The discussion part is perhaps the most overlooked part. It wasn't until I began researching for my latest novel Feedback did I realise that whatever a person's wishes are, their family needs to know so they can make an informed decision when it really matters.

Now, before you do anything! just remember that organ donation is a personal choice. I totally respect people's personal beliefs. If a person has a religious, cultural, personal, moral, or ethical oppostion to organ donation, that's fine. This post may not be for you. but I won't object if you still wish to enter the giveaway. If you don't have any objections or opinions either way on organ donation, then it won't hurt you to have a peek at the facts.  

You can check out organ donor details at the Donate Life website

Myths about organ donation:

Most religions support organ and tissue donation as generous acts that benefit people. This includes Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. If you are not sure whether your religion is supportive, speak to your religious adviser.

You're never too old to be a donor. Anyone can donate organs and tissue. People in their eighties have saved the lives of much younger people. Transplant professionals decide which organs and tissues can be used at the time of death after looking at your past medical history, the condition of your organs and their suitability.

You're never too young to be a donor. Anyone can be a donor - young and old. If you are under 16 years you can't register to be a donor, but you can discuss your wishes with your parents.

Medical staff do everything possible to save lives. Their first duty is to you and saving your life. Organ and tissue donation will only be considered after all efforts fail and you have been legally declared dead. Usually, the Australian Organ Donor Register is only checked after you have died.

There is never any charge for donating organs and tissues. Depending on the hospital, your family might be charged for the cost of all final efforts to save your life and those costs are sometimes misinterpreted as costs related to organ donation. Your family will be responsible for your funeral expenses.

Organ donation is about helping save or improve other people's lives. Donated tissues and organs will never be used for medical research unless explicit written permission is given by your family. If any organ or tissue that has been donated is unable to be transplanted and your family are not comfortable donating to a research program, they can choose to have the organ or tissue returned to their loved one's body or respectfully disposed.

About the Feedback giveaway:

Book details:
Genre:       sci-fi/adventure
Publisher:  etopia press
Released:  october 2012
Format:      ebook, print soon to be released

Ethan, Florida and Jake are three teenagers awaiting organ donations to save their lives. When they recieve the organs of a dead spy, they are abducted for information that only the spy possesses. Under threat of torture, the dead spy's memories begin to awaken with the teenagers. Escaping with their lives is only the beginning. They also have to complete the spy's mission or millions of people will die.

Author's note:
While researching for Feedback, I learned about the life of the people and families waiting for organ donations. If anyone needs an inkling of what hope is, read about a person waiting for a second chance at life. Their stories really made me see how insignificant some of my little gripes are. There's nothing 'fun' about needing an organ transplant, however if I can raise awareness of organ donation through creative writing then I'll gladly do it. Why wouldn't I, when, as a writer of young adult, I write hopeful endings.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In Feedback, the memories of a dead spy awaken inside them. If you received the organs of a super hero and they awoke within you, what powers would you want and why?
Feel free to leave your answer in the comments box.


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