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Top science fiction blogs 2013

As an author of two YA speculative fiction novels, and with more on the way, I'm often searching for places to contact about reviews, interviews, guest posts, features, press releases etc.

During my recent search for science fiction blogs to promote my current novel Feedback, (or, in Sci Fi terms, making first contact) I came across a Top 100 list from 2009. That's an old list, although many of the blogs listed on that link are still active, and it can be annoying having to search through an old list only to find even older sites that are frozen in time.

Hey, now there's an idea for a story. Writer who investigates why SF bloggers suddenly stopped posting articles discovers the bloggers were abducted by a secret government agency because what they wrote about was coming true.

Seriously, lists come and go as no doubt this one will too. Here's a few pointers for anyone embarking on a journey into internet space:

SIGNS OF LIFE - There is no point sending anything to site that hasn't blogged in the past 3-4 months. Blogs should have signs of life i.e activity at least once a month.

FIRST CONTACT AGAIN AND AGAIN - Many of these sites list their blog rolls, which is the list of sites that that site belongs to. Some sites list up to 50 other sites that you can use in your next round of first contacts. 

MAPPING FOR FUTURE TRAVELS: Once you find sites that you like, save them to your favorites or copy them onto a blank document for later or you might not find them so easily the next time.

FORMING ALLIANCES:  Sometimes it takes getting on to a site  (via reviews you've written or comments you've made) to get on to a site (a review of your book). And every blogger loves comments because communicating with other species is why they exist in the first place.

So, here is the list I created for writers of science fiction who are looking for blogs to contact about reviews, interviews or just featuring their novels. This list in no way guarantees that you'll get a response, let alone a review. I'm simply being a good explorerer by recording the knowledge I have gathered so others might use it in their travels.

Counting down the top 20 science fiction blogs for 2013 (in no particular order)

Thanks so much to the readers on Goodreads who have alerted me to a few more Sci-Fi blogs.

22. SFSignal - I'm not sure why I didn't include this site in the original list. anyway, it's a fantastic site and they review books as long as they are not self published. Even if they don't review your book, at the very least they feature the cover on their "recieved" page.

21. Elders of Genova - a new blog, and what I love about this site is their Library. They have a library of all public domain books like all the Oz books. News flash. I did not know L Frank Baum wrote dozens of Oz books. You read these public domain books on your computer. Not sure where this site will help with promoting new works, but The Astounding Stories of Super Science 1930 is worth a visit. 

20. Wands and Worlds: a blog about science fiction for children and teens. Site has been going since 2005.

19. Big Dumb Object: a science fiction blog with rants and reviews. His site states to be honest and tell him you want him to plug your work in the first instance.

18. Revolution SF: also accepts submissions for short stories, art, and articles about science fiction.

17. Hero Complex: run by The LA times, I'm not sure how we'll go contacting these guys, might be as difficult as getting the Borg to think as individuals, but it's worth the shot. Lots of movie reviews, behind the scenes and feature articles as well. 

16. Nuketown: features reviews of books, magazines and comic books. Has a page dedicated to Hoaxes which is worthy of it's own direct link here.

15. Science Fiction World:  a site about films, books, TV. Allows press releases so if you can write a media release about your book you might get it posted here.

14. Fantasy & SciFi Loving: Also welcomes press releases about books so while you might not get a review, you might get your book featured on this site. This site is also worth checking out as there are over 50 links to other Fantasy/Sci Fi sites on the blogroll.

13. Science Fiction Musings: this blog is run by science fiction author Anne Wilkes. Make sure you follow the review guidelines. i.e don't send anything that's not sci-fi.

12. Bookgasm: a site for horror, sci fi, fantasy, mystery, thrillers, westerns, and suspense. You definitely won't find any paranormal romance on this site.

11. Charles Tan Blog: a Filipino-Chinese speculative fictin writer and editor as well as blogger

10. Biology in science fiction: for those who like something different, this site states that Science fiction isn't just about rocket ships and ray guns. Genetic engineering, cloning, evolution, strange mutations, longevity drugs, intelligence-enhancing implants, plagues from space, and odd alien ecologies

9. Lab lit: Their site doesn't deal with science fiction, but rather with lab lit - realistic fiction with scientists as central characters doing their thing.

8. Fantasy Book Critic: as well as reviews, this is another site with a massive blogroll to other sites.

7. A Dribble of Ink: run by Aidan Moher, this site has been travelling the internet since 2007 and attracts quite a few contributors

6. A Fantastical Librarian: another site with a lengthy blogroll. Site states that self published works are not accepted.

5. Bookworm Blues: a speculative fiction book review site and a decent sized blogroll to check out as well.

4. Science in my fiction: for those who write with science in mind, a good place to also check on latest science developments.

3. Sci Fi Chick: reviews of SF and fantasy books and movies/TV. Site states that self published works are not accepted.

2. SFCrowsNest: another great site that lets you post press releases as well as articles and reviews you've written.

1. For posterity's sake, here is the link to the original list if anyone is interested in finding more SF sites to check out:,d.dGY

Hey fellow travellers! If there are SF sites you think should be included in this list, just drop me a line via the comments box.

Have a safe journey into internet space.

D L Richardson is an author of several young adult fiction novels.

Feedback YA sci-fi/spy thiller
The Bird With The Broken Wing  YA fantasy


  1. Thanks for the great list! It is annoying to find dead links. I'll check these out.

    Here are some of the SF blogs I like the best:

  2. Thanks for these links Anna. I'll definitely check them out and make first contact plus add them to my list. The more, the better.

    D L xoxo

  3. I noticed that Elders of Genova received some traffic from this site, so thanks so much for including us on the list! You noted that you were unsure of Elders of Genova's ability to help people promote new works, so I thought I would fill in the details on that subject. Elders of Genova intends to become a user generated encyclopedia of all things relating to science fiction and fantasy - sort of like what Wikipedia would be like if it allowed people to focus on the minute details of their favorite books, movies, albums, games, and video games. Also unlike Wikipedia, we are perfectly happy to allow anyone who is published (even if it is only self-published or available only on Kindle - so long as it is easily available to the public) to create entries for their own works. However, creating pages is currently limited to people who have already had a certain amount of activity, so if you're brand new to the site and you want your book(s) added, create an account and beneath the login section at the top right corner, you'll notice a field for offering suggestions. Tell us your name, the name of your book, and link to an image of it and we'll create the page for your book so long as you're willing to edit the page and fill in all of the details.

    We also have blogging functions for anyone who wants to blog about their works. The blogs can be accessed from The Forum.

    Also, the entire site is set up for social networking. If you see someone on a forum who says things that you find interesting, you can add that person to your fellowship and they will receive your feeds on the Personal Nook, which is similar to your Facebook wall or your Twitter feed. As your fellowship grows, it will also become a useful opportunity to gain a following and share your works, but promoting your works too aggressively will likely become a turnoff.

    In a month, we will also launch a new section called Speculative Reality that is specifically geared toward creative collaboration and work opportunities (including writing competitions and calls for authors) for people who want to work in creative fields relating to science fiction and fantasy. We're working at creating a community that is accommodating to the casual fan of speculative fiction as well as geared toward helping people whose goals include creating speculative fiction for a living.

    1. Thank so much for the update. I'll be sure to pass this to the readers


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