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Beware people who want to charge to publish your work!

I won't name names, but I came across this website and as soon as I saw the below I went "Hello, this looks like a scam." Vanity publishers crop up everyone, and they're eager to take a writer's money for the sake of vanity. Unless having something in print is on your bucket list, at all costs avoid vanity publishing. It's bad for your credibility. Besides the loss of money and credibility, with a vanity publisher you don't know who or what your story will sit next to. Imagine your hard work sitting in the middle of a bunch of crap writing. You might as well self publish. Self publishing used to be considered a close cousin to vanity publishing, but the internet has starting giving self publishing an make over and its starting to become somewhat reputable. Self publishing is where the author pays for everything - editing, cover art, print set up, ISBN, etc. Self publishing gives a writer total control over their work and they reap all the benefits of t

Sci-fi novel FEEDBACK coming to print April 2013

EXCITING NEWS!!! Feedback, the teen sci-fi novel reviewers are calling  " a wonderfully refreshing Young Adult Paranormal book..." is coming to print in April 2013. Available at Book Depository, amazon, Barnes and Noble and many more onlibne retailers "I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who likes a touch of paranormal to their realism or a touch of realism to their paranormal." The Book Maven About the book: Kidnapped for information they can't possibly know, and fuelled by the spirit of a dead CIA agent, Ethan, Florida, and Jake must look deep inside themselves if they are to finish the mission and save millions of lives. But they're being held captive in a strange place by a man who believes in Feedback, the theory that information is retained in the memory of organs - in this case those of a certain dead CIA agent donor. And their captor will stop at nothing to get the information retained in their newly transplanted orga

Author highlights for this week

Author highlights for this week... feedback I'm pretty estatic about this highlight. Feedback, my young adult sci-fi adventure novel, has almost cracked the top 200 mark at Kobo Books. Ebook available to buy for $5.76 at Kobo Books literary agents I discovered this database of literary agents that is totally kickass awesome. I am contacting agents this week about my recently completed young adult paranormal romance novel. Anyone interested in checking out this "free!!!" yes "free!!!" database of agents please do so here. new project I'm taking a different path with my current project. It's an adult science fiction story of two men from two different worlds - one dystopian and one utopian - and what happens when they meet. This novel will probably take me the rest of 2013 to write but it

Giveaway - very unique sci-fi novel "Feedback" by D L Richardson

There's still plenty of time to enter the giveaway to win one of three ebook copies of my latest novel, Feedback. a Rafflecopter giveaway Why should you enter? Feedback is one of the most original storylines I've ever dreamt up and had the pleasure to write. My love of this book comes from a fondness I have for early sci-fi flciks such as Logan's Run and Planet of the Apes. From the moment the idea popped into my head, I knew Feedback was going to be a unique storyline. Is unique hard to sell? Sometimes. Because w hen an author writes the blurb for the book, they really don't want to give too much away. But to generate interest, they need to tell as much as possible so a reader will be intrigued enough to find out about the book. What does an author do? Give it all away or hope the story and writing is great enough to grab your attention from the first page. Synopsis: Ethan James, Florida Bowman, and Jake Inala are three teenagers who receive much-needed or

Minute taking is "NOT" creative writing

I volunteered to take the minutes to a board meeting at work the other week. I valiantly told myself that typing minutes at work is kinda like writing. Why did I tell myself this? The same reason I routinely tell myself that writing grocery lists and instructions to operate the washing machine are kinda like writing. Because I'm not J K Rowling yet. In an attempt to keep enthusiasm for writing on track, I make up this positive message crap about how I actually do get paid for my writing, provided that I count policies, employment contracts, recruitment ads and minutes as writing. I'm kidding myself, of course. None of the above are ANYTHING akin to creative writing. I also tell myself that query letters to agents and publishers is "creative writing". It takes the pressure off the guilt I feel when I spend an entire week typing email after email enticing these people to invest in me, when that time could have been spent doing...oh I don't know, let's say, w

Coffee chat with author Angela Parson Myers

Welcome, Angela Parson Myer s, to my virtual coffee lounge   D L: I'm having a weak long black with one sugar. There are no magazines in this coffee lounge, just hundreds of books. Some books even have names in the front page or previous owners. In this coffee lounge it's perfectly fine to tuck your feet under your legs with or without shoes. And there's always something cooking in the oven. So, Angela, coffee…how do you have it and what’s your favorite time of the day to partake?   ANGELA: Instead of having a mailbox at our house (long story), Hubby and I have a post office box, and on the way to pick up our mail is a very nice Panera, where I can buy my favorite coffee in the whole world. We stop in for breakfast about three times a week, and I have a couple cups of cream-laden, sugared coffee (just how my father taught me to drink it) with a cinnamon crunch bagel and hazelnut cream cheese. Then I sometimes li

D L Richardson school visit media coverage

The Irrigator 1 March 2013 Author's powerful message     THE Leeton High School year 12 advanced English class got creative with a published author last Friday. The class was led by D L (Debbie) Richardson, who is the author of young adult fiction novels The Bird With The Broken Wing and Feedback. <a href=";ctype=article;cat=irrigator;cat1=news;cat2=localnews;region=;locstate=nsw;pos=1;tile=2;sz=xxxx;ord=97948405?"><img src=";ctype=article;cat=irrigator;cat1=news;cat2=localnews;region=;locstate=nsw;pos=1;tile=2;sz=xxxx;ord=97948405?" /></a> She had been invited to prepare a creative writing session specifically targeted toward the Year 12 curriculum by teacher Martin Maley to put together a workshop. Mr Maley told Mrs Richardson there were 10 students taking

Author Guest post on Smart Girls Love Sci-Fi blog

“The Evolution Of Sci-Fi” – The Movie By young adult fiction author D L Richardson Space 1999 is a British science-fiction television series that ran for two seasons and originally aired from 1975 to 1977. That’s the Wikipedia description. The truth is that Space 1999 was the coolest TV show on Earth because it featured a character named Maya (Catherine Schell) who could shape shift into anything – bug, monkey, monster, mouse. In one episode she shifted into a black panther, which was the most magnificent thing my seven year old brain had ever seen. Continue reading   READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE   or copy and paste the below URL into your web browser Thanks Charlee at Smart Girls Love Sci Fi for having me on your site today. It was a blast for me to take a trip down memory lane. So many great sci-fi memories. D L Richardson xoxo