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The Irrigator
1 March 2013

Author's powerful message   

THE Leeton High School year 12 advanced English class got creative with a published author last Friday.

The class was led by D L (Debbie) Richardson, who is the author of young adult fiction novels The Bird With The Broken Wing and Feedback.

She had been invited to prepare a creative writing session specifically targeted toward the Year 12 curriculum by teacher Martin Maley to put together a workshop.

Mr Maley told Mrs Richardson there were 10 students taking the English creative writing extension class and that they had to write a 6000-word short story, but many had difficulties coming up with ideas.

"This isn't a condition exclusive to teenagers," Mrs Richardson said.

"Many writers face writer's block, although over the years I've developed techniques to overcome this challenge.

"I was delighted to deliver a workshop that suited the extension students' needs and also included a component of the curriculum for the remaining senior students."

There were three components to the creative writing session � coming up with ideas; from idea to a first draft; and first draft to final.

"Not only did the students learn about creative writing, I learned something about the writing process as well while preparing my notes," Mrs Richardson said.
"I learned that, although I've written short stories and novels for 15 years, I need to stop and have a look at writing from an outsider's perspective, because storytelling is at its most powerful when told using alternate points of view.

"This opportunity enabled me to see the foundations of the creative writing process, which has become second nature to me. And we all know that when we take things for granted we often become complacent."
Mrs Richardson hoped to return to Leeton and continue improving the creative writing of students.


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