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Join An ex-Muso's Street Crew - for author D L Richardson

Join An ex-Muso's Street Crew

Street teams are becoming popular with indie authors. Yet the street team is nothing new.

The street team is a phenomenon rooted in the music world, where fans are so committed that for nothing more than the love of the band they will gladly do the grassroots marketing that big companies have to pay even bigger money for – leveraging social media, word of mouth “advertising”, postering or even the mundane chores of helping the band set up or sell tickets. The pay-back is being in the trusted inner circle for a beloved band.​

That street teams have moved into the publishing world is exciting.​

Creating my own street team really tickles my insides because I once played in a band and used to place stickers on everything in the middle of the night so I didn’t get caught.​

Why the name? For a very long time I sang in a choir or in front of a band. When I left school, I helped form a rock band and I played bass and sang lead vocals. That is, until I decided, at 26, I decided I wanted to be a writer. Writing is the fire in my belly, it gets me up each day and keeps me moving, but music never leaves a person.​ In some ways I'll always consider myself an ex-muso.

I’m not requesting anyone go guerrilla or over the top with promotion. I’m merely asking you to do what you already do – which is promote the books you love. And if you’re reading this then my writing has enriched you in some small way. I’m also only asking that you do this with professionalism and respect, because at the end of the day it’s my name you’re promoting. Just ask yourself this – if you don’t like spam, please don’t create it.

As an indie author, I get access to promotion I wouldn't normally. I get promotion is some of these ways:In person ​
       •   Take promo materials (bookmarks, postcards, etc) to your local stores, place them with the booksellers​
       •   You can leave them with libraries and even at coffee shops

       •   Hand them to friends and family

  •     •  Tell 10 friends about my novels - which one you like best, why you like it, rave about the covers
        •   Tell 10 friends to join me on Twitter
           •   Tell 10 friends to like me on Facebook
           •   Share my Facebook posts with your friends
           •   Spread the word about reviews from Amazon and Goodreads
           •   Spread the word about giveaways I’m hosting
           •   Share guest posts from my blog page
           •   Forward promotional e-flyers to your friends
           •   Join my blog membership
           •   Post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads etc​


Signing up to be an ex-Muso's Street Crew member means you will receive fabulous promotional items, some signed.
      •   Bookmarks and/or postcards marks to keep and to share with your friends
      •   Stickers and/or magnets to keep and to share with your friends
      •   Certificate of membership and date commenced

      •   Annual certificate of service​


So, now that you’ve had a read this and told yourself you’d like to become a part of An ex-Muso’s Street Crew, joining is easy! Help promote my books using one or more of the above ideas, then record your success story in an email to I’ll add you to the official Street Crew list and send you bookmarks, some autographed and you’ll be put into the running to win prizes.

All members will automatically go into a draw to win a super member only prizes. Maybe you’ll win a signed print book, or an ebook, or a framed photo, or a gift voucher, or a signed cover art.



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