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Comments welcome, unless it's SPAM

Just a quick rant. When I say comments welcome, I don't mean SPAM. If you are a spammer refer to my post titled SPAMMERS DIE Please go find the nearest bridge and crawl under it. That is all. DL

Book tour. Book tour. Book tour.

Book tour. Who'd have thought having the words "book tour" and "win free ebook" in the title of a post would generate over 1800 page views in three months. That's what happened when I recently titled a post announcing the book tour I'd organised for my latest novel Little Red Gem .  So why did this particular post generate so much traffic?      In this new and evolving digital age, an online presence is both fast and easy to achieve. Authors are keen to promote their books, and where there is demand there is supply. This means that book tour sites are popping up everywhere. I can't help feeling there will be some tour hosts who are only too happy to take an author's money for unknown yet promised value. I'm not saying these tour hosts don't work hard for their money, because it is a lot of work organising a virtual book tour. But is there any real value? Does a book tour equate to book sales? I don't profess to know the answe

List of writers festival in Australia in 2014

Calling all Aussie authors!!!! I came across this fantastic author page with a list of every literary festival in Australia for 2014. I won't copy the data because that wouldn't feel right when someone else did all the hard work! but I will provide the link to the site. It looks like this... You can find the full list here Plus you can check out Kristen Lamb's blog post about why it's important for writers to attend festivals here   So grab your calendar and be sure to book at least one festival this year. And get busy writing!     ABOUT THE AUTHOR D L Richardson is the author of speculative fiction. She has three teen novels and one short story anthology published. Her first novel reached number 2 at OmniLit and number 38 at Kobo Books. Her second reached number

Perfect your pitch as early as possible to become the perfect pitcher

Earlier this week, Amazon announced their Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014 commencement dates, and naturally I had a look at the how and what of the contest. Round 1 is The Pitch. Amazon reviewers will rate a pitch (up to 300 words) from each entrant and the top 400 entries in each category will advance to the next round. So I decided to write my pitch for my current novel. It's got to be done sooner or later, right? Well, I realised that doing this sooner ended up being an essential tool for writing my novel. Perfect Your Pitch As Early As Possible To Become The Perfect Pitcher    No, not this sort of pitcher. Not this sort of pitcher either.   And not these sort of pictures.   Why should you do perfect your pitch as early as possible? Number 1:  It's a very good way of making sure your novel stay on track. Novels need characters and plot, and they also need motive. When you write a very brief pitch, and I mean very brief - 25 words and under, 

There's no major hook without revealing the secret

A few years back, YA Lit Chat , held a Pitch Slam weekend. Authors submitted a pitch of 2 -3 sentences to 3 agents and these agents then responded and they chose 5 pitches that they wanted to see the entire manuscript for. It was a very interesting exercise and one common thread I noticed amongst the agent responses was that they wanted authors to reveal the secret of the book. I was surprised to read this. Firstly, it suggests that agents want to know the hook. Secondly, it suggests that authors don’t want to reveal it.     I had to ask myself if the reason authors disliked revealing the hook was because we feared that the agents or publishers would not bother to buy the cow when the milk was being given away for free. Or is it that agents and publishers needed to see the connection the reader would make with the characters and their conflict? Characters and conflict are the two most important aspects of any novel. Who the story is about and why