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Top 10 Australian independent magazines for teenage girls

First up, I have to say that there aren't 10 blog/magazines listed, only 9. I couldn't find 10 so if you know of any please please please let me know who they are so I can include them on this list. Flicking through the internet for stories is a bit like flicking through a pile of magazine clippings on the floor. It can be fun putting everything you want to read together in one pile, but after a while you might want to sit in a chair and have that pile put together in more manageable fashion for you to read, say maybe like the magazines or blogs the articles were cut out of. Okay, that's enough of that analogy. This article is about finished product of blogs and magazines that compile together a host of articles on subjects a reader is interested in. I'm featured ten nine Australian independent magazines both virtual and tangible which I came across during one of my wild searches through hundreds of internet sites. Magazines have really taken a bashing over the pa

Win 1 of 5 signed copies of YA sci-fi novel (comp runs Sun 23 Feb to Sun 3 Mar 14 - Australian residents only)

WIN 1 OF 5 SIGNED COPIES OF YOUNG ADULT SCI-FI NOVEL "FEEDBACK"   Before you get too excited...this competition is open to Australian residents only. SOUTH COAST NSW author D L Richardson blends science with fiction in this novel about three teenagers who are abducted by a man who believes in Feedback, the theory that information is retained in the memory of organs. These teens don’t know that their organ donor was CIA agent Dylan Black, but their captor does, and he will stop at nothing to get the information Dylan died trying to hide. Ethan James, Florida Bowman, and Jake Inala quickly discover that feedback is real, and fuelled by the spirit of the CIA agent they must learn to trust unfamiliar instincts, trust each other, and trust themselves if they are to finish the mission and save millions of lives. TO ENTER: q      Go to at   ( Competitions page) OR q      Email and tell us in 50 wo

Celebrating the small wins

Little Red Gem takes 2nd place in Battle of the Books 2013 at Paranormal Cravings . I meant to tell everyone this last year, but t hings got so hectic that I completely forgot. Then there was Christmas and New Year. Then it was the start of writing my next novel. Time got away but I do recall that I celebrated this little win. I think it's important to take time out to celebrate the small successes. It's also a way of forcing myself to take a well-deserved break. I am often up early in the morning doing something at the computer - writing, editing, pitching, promoting - and I'm there until I go to bed. I get so addicted to it that these little celebrations are great for recharging my batteries. 2013 ended up being an okay year for me as far as the little wins went. Two of my novels made it to the bestsellers list at OmniLit , there were some high rankings on Kobo, and of course of my novels reached 2nd place in a reader voted battle of the books . So how do I cele

One writer's editing journey

I love reading blog posts about an author's editing journeys. I read them to discover tips or receive affirmation that I'm on the right track. I've just finished reading one by Dee Scribe Writing and I'm happy to say that this is how I conduct my editing process. Liar.  I'm right now editing my current novel and... well, actually, I'm not RIGHT NOW editing because I'm writing this post. (A minute's silence). I'm back. Just went off to switch on the kettle. So technically I'm still not RIGHT NOW editing my current novel. Hang on a's staring at me like she wants me to walk her. I can't help but love the distractions that editing presents because I have come to accept that editing is loathsome work. It's not fun, it's methodical. It uses the right side of the brain instead of the creative side. It's process driven a