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Writing multi-level characters

When I look around my house I see many different themes. I can never make up my mind which theme I prefer over the others and thus I live in an eclectically decorated home. I've accepted that I have multiple tastes so now I buy items that resonate with me and they always find a place in my home. I love the bright colours of Spanish influence which feature in my bathroom and bedrooms - brightly coloured and patterned bed lined, candles in wrought iron holders, lilac walls, blue walls. The Spanish influence is something that I can't explain, I've never been there but I believe I have Spanish blood somewhere along the line and it comes through in my taste of décor. I also love the monochrome look featured in my living room, a love I picked up from watching black and white movies as a child. for me the monochrome Hollywood represents chasing dreams. I also love the animals prints that are splashed all over my home - zebra prints on the walls, zebra patterned winter bla

The yellow brick road to writer success

Just like Dorothy had her entourage of the Tinman, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion to accompany her along the yellow brick road, I’ve realised that I also need these three companions to accompany me on my writing journey. I just didn’t know I needed them for psychological reasons. The Tinman – the literary agent. A literary agent pitches work to publishers, sometimes movie production companies, and sometimes to foreign publishers. This person needs to fall in love with the book because they have to be prepared to work hard for nil money upfront. They have to convince a publisher to invest money and time into an author, who is quite often unknown. An agent has connections that many writers simply don’t. And while we know that some publishers accept submissions direct from writers, just as many don’t. The Scarecrow – the publisher.   A publisher edits, produces, and distributes work to the wider audience. The publisher is the business end of the process. Their job is to s