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Christmas fiction - stories to download this Christmas

It's time to Deck The Halls and shake those Jingle Bells because it's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas. That's right elves and elvettes, it's Christmas and that means Christmas stories. I'll feature a couple of my selections over the next few weeks. Here's the first and it's a collection of stories from Down Under authors. Santa says this is a gift from him to you. This collection is free to download at Smashwords.   A Season to Remember   A Christmas anthology from four Australian authors Eva Scott, Susanne Bellamy, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, and Noelle Clark Release Date:   November 17, 2014   -   Available now Free download from Smashwords:   Four short stories on the Christmas theme, spanning time, places. Uplifting, funny, thought-provoking, heart-warming, ‘A Season to Remember’ will make your heart sing.   Excerpts ‘Three Ships’ by Elizabeth Ellen Carter   Blurb: An

Countdown to Christmas, author message

Sorry that my blog site has resembled a billboard for book releases lately. I belong to a very productive and supportive author group and a part of being in that group is providing exposure to their work. I'm so happy and thrilled every time they release a new book. And they're not slowing down. Plus I've been busy completing my current WIP. I'm halfway through Book Two. I don't want to give anything away yet because Book One is with Momentum Publishing (a division of Pan Macmillan) for consideration and I don't want to jinx it. Anyway, it's coming into the Christmas season. Everyone is shoving gifts in our faces (me too, let's be honest I have to earn money so if you are looking to purchase books I have six of them to choose from hint/hint) when it's nobody's birthday except baby Jesus's. And we place a bigger emphasis on the appearance of the food on the Christmas table than on the guests around it. We send ourselves insane with complet

New release - Honor's Debt by Noelle Clark

  Honor’s Debt by Noelle Clark (Book 1 of the Robinhill Farm Series)       On a quest to make amends for a long-ago indiscretion, Honor unexpectedly discovers the one thing she’s been missing in her life .   Honor Quirk arrives in Ireland excited—and a bit anxious—about meeting up with the estranged family of her late great-grandmother. The welcome from the residents of Robinhill Farm, Dermot and Bryan, is confusing and far from comforting. One is warm, the other aggressive. The outwardly antagonistic Bryan makes it very clear he doesn't want her there, branding her a gold digger.   Dermot, on the other hand, is delighted to meet her.   But Honor is no pushover and stands up to Bryan, letting him know that his bad attitude and trail of baggage have nothing to do with her. Despite their confrontational and hostile relationship, an undeniable attraction to each other creeps insidiously into the house on Robinhill Farm. They both desperately try t

Ally Shields Guardian Witch series book #6 "Wild Fire" release party Nov 7

I wrote earlier about what happens when the release date is pushed back. You can read that article here . Well, it's with great pleasure to announce that the release date for the sixth novel in the Ally Shields Guardian Witch series is out November 7. And Ally is hosting a treasure hunt style giveaway. Details are further below and highlighted in red . Blurb: A vision. A lost talisman. A dangerous journey through time... A month after their bonding, Ari and Andreas are still adjusting to married life when they learn the hard way that the O-Seven, the terrifying and brutal vampire elders, still have them in their sights. A three million dollar bounty hangs over each of their heads, and there’s no lack of assassins eager to collect. When the local seer has a terrifying vision of the destruction of Riverdale, it’s up to Ari—as usual—to keep everyone safe. Only this time, an enemy from the past has bound her fire powers, and the city’s string of arsons seems conne