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Product recall - Poison in the Pond - free replacement

Dear readers Please accept my sincerest apologies. It was identified that there were typo errors in my horror/thriller novella "Poison in the Pond", and when I had a look, I realised the amount of typos was unacceptable, hence I am recalling it and replacing it free of charge. It is not my belief that short reads, cheap reads, or free reads should be of a lesser quality. No matter whether a book contains 1,200 or 120,000 words, everything about that book should be of the highest quality. That means free of typos, good resolution on the book cover, easy to find, easy to read. It's Murphy's Law that the moment you hit Send or Publish you'll notice the typo that you didn't during the previous 10 reads. In my case it is usually haste that causes me to skip over text. Instead of putting my proof reader's hat on, I sometimes put my reader's hat on. I get swept up in the story. But that's not acceptable. My readers deserve the best from me. You ma

Christmas reading pile

The end of the year is coming and it's when we make new year's resolutions. Mine will probably be READ MORE BOOKS, because I wish I'd read more books this year. I've now got a huge stack of reading to do that I keep saying I'll do over Christmas break, but in reality I have 11 days off work and too many books to read. Just thought I would share my list and how they ended up on my reading pile. Not all of the books in my reading pile are straight out purchases. Some were gifts, some were loaned to me, some are bought to support other authors. Some were bought for my reading pleasure. I hate to think that any books are discarded. I prefer to think that some are borrowed, some are loaned out, some are handed down from one person to another and some are given new homes.  The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman   Be careful what you wish for. A small town librarian lives a quiet life without much excitement. One day, she mutters and idle wish and, while standing in h

WIN PRINT BOOK - ends 31 December - Win curious (3 novels in 1)

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When supporting characters steal the show

Once again a reviewer has stated that Juliett (Jet) Jones, my supporting character in The Bird With The Broken Wing , has stolen the show. This isn't the first time a reviewer has said she steals the show. She is an awesome character and she plays a vital part on the book - she has to or she wouldn't be there. But the story isn't really about her, it's about an angel who discovers that she isn't perfect. I've had reviews where people were pissed off that the book wasn't all about her. Others have said they were surprised because she's not really mentioned in the (very short) blurb but she steals the show. In the full blurb so she is mentioned, but she's mentioned in the way of supporting characters. But the story isn't really about her, it's about an angel who discovers that she isn't perfect. Now I will add here, that there's a difference between a scene stealer and incorrect casting. There's no way I could project Jet's