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The lost art of letter writing

Remember when we used to write letters? And I don't mean the cover letter for a job application or the complaint letter to the newspaper. I mean a heartfelt letter to someone we haven't seen for a while or may never see again. Perhaps a love letter, or a breakup letter. A letter to a soldier with news from back home, or from a soldier with news from the front. A letter to a long lost aunt about an orphaned child. There is a beauty to be found in a personal letter that cannot be found in today's email. I'll show you some examples of what I mean. Example of a letter from a gentlemen to a lady confessing a change of sentiment: Your note has opened my eyes to the fully and wrong of the course I have pursued of late. All night I have been pacing my floor, trying to decide what course it was my duty to pursue, and I have decided to answer you as frankly as you desire. I will not attempt to excuse myself, for I deserve your anger, but I will only say that I was myself de

Everything I learned about blogging I learned from Carrie Bradshaw

Like all authors, I have an author platform. I blog and post on social media, yet up to now I've always been led to believe that everything I blog or post about should be about 'writing'. Let me tell you, this is very limiting, hence the reason I rarely blogged. What do I say about writing that's of interest to anyone other than another writer? And why would I only want to reach that audience? I only want to read about writing if I need to learn something such as when is it okay to kill off a character? and even then I Google it or I bring it up at an author's group. It was after reading  Kristen Lamb's book for authors,  Rise of the Machines I realised that I was right to doubt it was only writers and avid readers who were my only audience. I receive Kristen's regular blog posts straight to my inbox and even though some of the content isn't my particular area of interest on that day, I read her articles because she's a fabulous storyteller. I s

Is animal entertainment a prelude to The Hunger Games?

Those who know me are well aware of my stance on horse and dog racing. I am totally against it. They are cruel forms of entertainment that serve no purpose in the betterment of mankind. Yes, humans need entertainment, but surely we don't need to whip a horse and train it to ride itself to death to be entertained? Last Melbourne Cup, there were two horses that died as a direct result of the race. one from a massive heart failure, and one from a broken leg when a spectator waved a flag which spooked the horse. These animals are flighty at the best of times, and race horses are bred to be highly spirited. So they spook easier than a two year old at Halloween. A Palamino and her foal. The beauty of a horse is plain to see. I fought back tears as I read the newspaper articles about the death of these two beautiful animals. I felt impotent. I felt hurt. I felt as if nobody cared. What sort of species are we humans that we don't care? It made me want to write a novel where we

Are you gonna eat that? Taurus traits

One thing you’ll often hear a Taurus say is “What’s to eat?” Don’t talk to me, I’m eating. Taurus traits. Taurus people like to eat. We walk into a room and the first thing we look for is the table with the food. And pity the hostess who catches us as we enter the room and decides to introduce us to her other guests first. We’d rather be introduced to the man or woman who will be serving us our food. He or she is the one we will be developing a rapport with as we apply our charm and wit to be the focus of their attention for the evening. I can’t tell you the number of parties I’ve attended where people have been talking to me and all I’ve been able to think about is getting to the food table before all the food is gone. It also doesn’t help that I’m born under the Chinese sign of the dog. A double curse for me. I’m like a Labrador. I remember one year where I attended the ARIAs, Australia's music awards, and there were a few celebrities roaming around. And

Sapphyria's Book Reviews: Guest Appearance and a Giveaway: Music and writin...

My top 30 songs are featured on Sapphyria's Book Reviews: Guest Appearance and a Giveaway: Music and writin... :   I'm so excited to have D.L. Richardson on the blog today.   Just in case you didn't know, a quote from my review of her n...

Writing multiple books at once

For years, I baulked at joining a writer's group because I didn't want my writing to be overshadowed by the idea of sitting around sipping cups of tea while critiquing writing - that sounded too much like a book club, not a writer's group. But at last I succumbed and joined the local group. And I'm glad I did, though I do follow my instinct and if my gut tells me now is a good time, then now is a good time. We've had one meeting so far, it was a combined Christmas get together as well as writer's session so it wasn't the usual session. They were doing edits of an anthology they had put together to release for Christmas, and since I had joined that night, it was too late for me to submit a story. However, it was good to turn up to this session as a participant and get a feel for the group. Plus the story they edited, one tale as told in different perspectives by each of the ,members, was intriguing and I was sorry that I had to leave early. But it was get