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Submitting to agents - Part III

Last week I provided the breakdown of the number of agents I have submitted to and the number of replies. This week I will reveal the update as well as provide the link to the resource I've been using to query these agents. Note that this resource is only for Science Fiction and Fantasy writers. So you'll need to check the agent websites for other agents in that agency whom might accept other genres. Total so far: 49 queries sent (2 were closed to submissions so really 47) 11 thanks but no thanks replies (as above so really 9) 1 request for a partial manuscript (50 pages) 1 request for the full manuscript (Yah!!!!) This is good. 22% responses means that there is still almost 80% that might still read and say yes. However, as a professional courtesy to the agent who has requested the entire manuscript, I am now on hold for sending more agent queries. Now for my source: Published to Death BlogSpot Erica Verillo has written seven books and published five. She has a

Submitting to agents - part II

A week ago I began submitting to agents for my latest novel. I spoke in the previous post about submitting in batches of 5 to 8 agents. This way you can get an idea if the pitch isn't working, or if the sample pages you sent aren't intriguing enough. I thought I would give an update on the progress so far.   Number of agents pitched to: 43, though 2 have since closed to submissions, so 41   Number of replies so far: 7   Number of partials requested: 1     Most interesting rejection:   Unfortunately, it is not right for my list.  However, I wish you the best luck in your search for the right agent (and hope to see you in print soon). My response: Huh? Isn't wishing to see me in print kinda what the agent's task is?   Well, there you go. Part II of Pitching to agents in a nutshell. Pitching to agents is a rough and rocky road. don't let anyone tell you it's easy. On the positive side, agents are much faster at responding than

Submitting to agents

Hello everyone. Long time no speak. I've been very quiet on the blogging and social sites for months and months now, while I've been busily writing and editing book one of my sci-fi/fantasy series. Writing, editing, promoting, conducting workshops, pitching, and I still have to juggle a full time job, housework, exercise, and family and friends. This would be so much quicker if I could just write every day, but I also want to live. Which leads me to the next bit. Two of the most often asked questions asked of writers are: 1. How long does it take to write a book? 2. How long does it takes to get that book published? There is no definitive answer. It takes as long as it takes, and with most writers having lives and jobs, unless we can write full time, it is going to take longer. But with practice and a lot of discipline and ignoring friends and hygiene, you should get better and therefore faster. I set a personal goal a few years back of having two books written per yea