Submitting to agents - Part III

Last week I provided the breakdown of the number of agents I have submitted to and the number of replies.

This week I will reveal the update as well as provide the link to the resource I've been using to query these agents. Note that this resource is only for Science Fiction and Fantasy writers. So you'll need to check the agent websites for other agents in that agency whom might accept other genres.

Total so far:

49 queries sent (2 were closed to submissions so really 47)
11 thanks but no thanks replies (as above so really 9)
1 request for a partial manuscript (50 pages)
1 request for the full manuscript (Yah!!!!)

This is good. 22% responses means that there is still almost 80% that might still read and say yes. However, as a professional courtesy to the agent who has requested the entire manuscript, I am now on hold for sending more agent queries.

Now for my source:

Published to Death BlogSpot
Erica Verillo has written seven books and published five. She has a blog dedicated to helping authors avoid the mistakes she made. Definitely add this to your favourites bar because this blog is always revealing agents who are looking for new authors.

Google is another resource for finding agents. Check out some of your favourite authors and checked out their agent websites.

Query Tracker is the other resource I'll get stuck into once I've utilised all the addresses in the Published to Death list. You use the search functions to narrow down your search to genre etc. You sign up but its a free registration and then you can search the world.

I cannot stress how professional and responsive agents are in this business. They totally understand that without authors they have no jobs, and they receive hundreds of submissions a day yet they still glance or read over every query. The replies I've received have given me a great admiration for the hard work they do. Now if I can land myself an agent I'd be pleased to tell them all this personally.

Good luck in your querying and please let me know how you go.
D L Richardson


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