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10 celebrities who took selfies before they were even invented

What did celebrities do before the invention of the selfie? Oh, sure, if you were a Hollywood movie star you had stills from movies that could be used in publicity, or photo shoots, or if you were a rock star hordes of photographers followed you around. I decided to track down some photos that I think look exactly like as if they'd be taken today as a selfie.

1. David Bowie
 Tag this one #artistic selfie. It's going on his blog home page. As well it deserves to.
2. Marilyn Monroe
Tag this one #girlsnightout. The before shot.
3. Mick Jagger
Classic attempt at natural look for an online dating site selfie.
4. Debbie Harry
She's got the pose. She's got the lipstick. She's got the selfie stick. And this one's going on Instagram.

 5. James Dean
He's cool. This one is for his fans. Tag #justchillin

6. Audrey Hepburn
This is the can't get out of bed selfie. Been there. Done that.
7. Freddie Mercury
I have a selfie stick and I'm not afraid to use it.
8. Judy Garland
And from this angle I can get my best side even though I'm lying down.
9. Elvis Presley
The one eye closed selfie, because sometimes it's hard to focus with both eyes open.
10. The Beatles
This is possibly to first group selfie in existence. John's got good control of the camera.
I had a lot of fun skipping down memory lane with these classic photos. I hope you agree that these photos look like today's selfies. Many of these celebrities were ahead of their time anyway, this is just further proof.
Enjoy your day!
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