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How does feng shui and astrology fit into writing

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for feng shui. If I can turn my glasses right way up to attract more money, I'll do it. If I can put a red pot in the money corner of the house, yep I'll do that too.

Each year, a group of friends and I gather at a house to share food and wine and we make a feng shui collage. It's just a bit of fun. We take clippings from a magazine and place them in certain quadrants that each represent a different aspect such as:


We all open a magazine with our left hand, we cut out the first image we see, we paste it into a quadrant, and then we have someone read the pictures and predict our future for the next year.

Like I said, it's a big of fun. Except that it isn't JUST fun. There seems to be an element of truth to these predictions. It's uncanny but the last chart we did one of the girls got lots of pictures of a new career, a new man, BIG changes. Within a year she has relocated and has a new boyfriend. Another girl got lots of babies in her collage, within a year she had a baby. And I had a book next to a dinner plate and I got invited to speak at a function where my payment was a free meal.

Each time I create my collage, it is filled with lots of book stuff. Pictures of books. Pictures of coffee tables with books. Pictures of people reading books. Pictures of awards. Lots of business, lots of writing, lots of words.

I'm told this is a good sign. So I'm excited about the future. But EVERYONE knows I'm a writer. EVERYONE knows I'm desperate to crack that big publishing deal. So is this just playing on my desires or is this truly a prediction?

I also like to listen to my star signs each morning. My favourite readings so far has been:

"success and good fortune are coming your way"

I'm kinda hopeful this one is coming true. I'm waiting patiently, plodding away with my writing and my blogging and my writer workshops.

Maybe none of these will come true. Maybe all of these things will. Maybe some will, though maybe they'll come true due to hard work and dedication rather than fate good fortune. I will cross that bridge when I come to it. But I wouldn't be a writer of speculative fiction if I couldn't sit down in my chair and imagine...what if?

Best wishes

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