Submitting to agents - Part V

You might recall a few of my earlier posts which were journals of my experience with submitting to agents. The previous posts if you'd like to read there are here.

I have an update on my journey of submitting to agents. Yes, folks, it's not over yet. And the journey won't be over until every agent has been queried, until every publisher has been queried, until every avenue has been exhausted and this book is published, self published if I have to but I've a feeling it wont' come to that. While at a recent writers convention I made the acquaintance of some lovely small press publishers who are doing great things in Australia.

The tally so far looks like this:

Number of Queries sent: 46
Number of Partial manuscript requests: 1
Number of Full manuscript requests: 1
Number of Nil replies from an agent (which means a rejection): 20
Number of Rejections received from an agent: 23
Number of agencies I can resubmit to if initial agent doesn't reply: 2
Number of critiques I received from an agent: 1

The most important response from this process for me was the Number of critiques I received from an agent. It was only 1 but I was provided with feedback which I applied and I was also invited to resubmit. I have spent the past four months majorly reworking the novel and I can honestly say that I am very happy with the end result. I just hope the agent I resubmitted to is also happy with the changes.

In another post I wrote about how getting feedback from publishers and agents means you're very close to having your dream come true. The key thing I took out of this critique was that she didn't have to write it. But she saw something in the premise that she liked, something intrigued her enough to tell me that it was the start of a good manuscript but it needed work. And the head-shaking thing about all this is that I've been writing for 20 years, only the past 8 have been serious. It is true that only through writing and writing and writing do we hone our craft.

Think of this is as skiing. You need 3 things to ski 1) a set of skis, 2) a mountain to ski down 3) the skills to get down the mountain without injuring yourself. You can and should learn the techniques of skiing, but the only way you get better at it is to keep going up and down that mountain. Same with writing.

You can read my earlier post here on feedback from agents.

Next steps:
Wait for said agent to get back to me. Fingers crossed they like what I have done and will offer to represent me. If not, then its back to the agent query database and more querying. As they say, it only takes one agent to love your work and then the next phase of the journey begins - following the yellow brick road to the land of Oz.

I'm so hoping to be able to share great news. Hope you can stay with me on this journey

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