2015 highlights by author D L Richardson

Hello and welcome to the end of the year.
Each end of year I like to read over my diary and have a look at my achievements. Why? Because one of the easiest ways to stay inspired in this writing game is to CELEBRATE THE SMALL WINS. So here goes:
January 2015
  • Little Red Gem went on a book tour. Do book tours work? The jury is still out on this one. They're a lot of work for little exposure. But they're also very cost effective and for an author without a big budget they do get you a small amount of exposure. So for $60 you can do a virtual book tour where something like BookBub is $270 with no guarantee of acceptance or sales. 
  • The Bird With The Broken Wing and Feedback were given makeovers with a new cover. This was due rights reverting back to me and the publisher owns the cover.
  • Website was overhauled. Yes this is a part of the job. Updating the website. I try to do it monthly to stay on top of it.
February 2015
  • Short story "Slip Stream" was submitted to an anthology.
  • Edited book 2 of Apocalypse series and chased up publisher for status on submission of book one. Answer: still in the pile.
March 2015
  • Feedback went on book tour. Got a little bit of extra interest.
  • Conducted a writer workshop for ACT writers Centre. Very excited by this. I love presenting workshops and this was like the door opener for me.
  • Got asked to launch the anthology for the Eurobodalla Fellowship of Australia Writers anthology at the Batemans Bay Writers Festival in June.
  • Noticed a spike in sales on Amazon and can only assume it had to do with the two back to back book tours.
April 2015
  • Came up with a ridiculous writing plan to finish 2 novels and write one novella which would have seen me write about a million words a day. Hah! Worked on the novels, still haven't gotten around to the novella.
  • Oh, my birthday. I turned 45.
  • Feedback still on book tour.
  • Short story "Slip Stream" accepted for anthology.
May 2015
  • Saw Kate Forsyth at Moruya Library give a talk on her writing career.
  • Made sales flyers to hand out at workshops.
  • Book 1 of Apocalypse series was rejected by publisher. Began re-writes.
June 2015
  • Launched the anthology for Eurobodalla FAW at writers festival.
  • Conducted a writer workshop for Queanbeyan Writers Group.
  • Sent queries to agents for Apocalypse series and got a request for a partial.
July 2015
  • Conducted a writer workshop at Merimbula for Writers of the far South Coast.
  • Did a radio interview for the workshop.
  • Heard back from an agent and went into re-write mode for book 1 of Apocalyptic series.
August 2015
  • Attended the weekend writers retreat with the Writers of the Far South Coast.
  • Learned that this is dead month so you don't submit to agents. So I didn't.
  • Got busy on the rewrite of book 1 and began edits for book 2 of Apocalyptic series.
September 2015
  • Was invited to a local book club to speak about my books. Got a free dinner.
  • Attended OzComicCon for the pure personal pleasure of being amongst my kindred spirits.
  • The Bird With The Broken Wing was reviewed as part of a Goodreads Review Group.
  • Still doing re-writes of book one of the Apocalypse series.
October 2015
  • Conducted a workshop at the Conflux writer and reader spec fic convention.
  • Sat on the panels of the Conflux writer and reader spec fic convention.
  • More re-writes. Then husband had a bike accident and the rest of the month was spent writing and playing nursemaid.
November 2015
  • Lots of edits on the Dystopian series.
  • Submitted the updated version of book 1 on the Apocalyptic series to agent in New York. (I never grow tired of saying that).
  • Wrote an opening chapter for the novella our writers group is putting together.
December 2015
  • More edits for Dystopian series. giving myself a deadline of end January.
  • Attending the ACT Writers Centre Christmas party.
Well, that's it for this year. It's been busy and productive. Each year I do this to see that I've improved on the year before. So I'm on my way. The journey is a long one but it is immensely rewarding.
Have a lovely Christmas if I don't speak to you before then.
DL xoxo


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