Friday, 11 December 2015

Why you don't quit writing, author Christmas message

Through certain circumstances, for the past four months I've been a full time writer. I began by doing a major edit of a novel and resubmitting to an agent and launched myself into the waiting game which comes from querying. But there's no holiday for me, I immediately picked up another novel and started editing. It's been like this all year. Every day I write. Every day I do a little promotion via blogs and social media. Earlier this year two of my books went on a virtual book tour. I've presented at a few writer workshops. I've taken my books down to the local markets to sell them to tourists and locals. I'm always doing something!

Yet I'm still not earning enough to do this writing gig full time. In a few weeks the savings will have run out and I'll be looking for a part time day job. No biggie, a lot of writers also have day jobs. But I was asked if this delay in achieving my goals was frustrating me.

I paused to consider this. Of course it's frustrating. Yet while it is frustrating, it's not a reason to consider quitting. And I found the analogy to explain why I don't quit.

It's true, isn't it. If we wanted to lose weight and weren't seeing any results, we'd assess our exercise and food plan and change it. And we'd take up the exercise a notch, instead of three sets we'd do four, then five. Instead of walking half an hour we'd walk an hour. But we wouldn't just quit. That would be worse than maintaining the current weight we have.

So my friends, whatever your end goal, however frustrating it becomes, even if you're not seeing the results, DON'T GIVE UP. Do what marketing people do. Implement. Trial. Evaluate. Keep going or change. If changing, Implement. Trial. Evaluate. Just keep going.

I might even make this my Christmas message to you all. As this year ends and another begins, keep going with what you were doing. If you start a new project, give it time to develop and grow. If life gets in the way, don't be afraid to let it for a while because life is the ultimate research a writer can utilise. Most of all, be kind to yourself.

Have a safe and merry Christmas.

D L Richardson

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