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Coffee chat with Druscilla Morgan - author - Like A Girl anthology contributor

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Grab your cup of coffee and join me in welcoming Druscilla Morgan to my blog today for a  chat.

DL: How do you have your coffee, and what is you favourite time of the day to partake? 
DRUSCILLA: I like my coffee brewed and strong, with a dash of cream.

DL: Why did you submit a story to this anthology?
DRUSCILLA: Malala’s story touched my soul, as with the plight of so many girls like her. My mother was a teacher for over 30 years and I was brought up to see education as the means to freedom and power. This anthology provided a great opportunity to reinforce that message and help a wonderful cause at the same time.

DL: As a child, is there a woman who influenced you? How did she help shape you into the woman you are today?
DRUSCILLA: There were three women who powerfully influenced me. My mother, as previously mentioned, was a driving force in my thirst for knowledge. She instilled in me a love for learning, reading and writing that has never diminished. My grandmother was also a strong influence. Her compassion, optimism and unwavering faith in me has remained with me through the years. I miss her terribly but can sense her looking over my shoulder and smiling at my achievements. The third influence was my high school English teacher, Jo Ryan, who gave me an A+ on a major assignment along with the comment “I know you can do better.” She reinforced both my love of writing and my belief in my own abilities and never settled for mediocrity.

DL: If you could tell your teen self just one piece of advice, what would it be?
DRUSCILLA: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t listen to negativity. Believe in yourself and your dreams.

DL: What are you currently working on?
DRUSCILLA: I’m working on several projects at the moment, including the sequel to my debut novel with Roy C Booth, Blood of Nyx, which is due for release in 2016. I’m also finishing the first draft of a sci fi novel and am about to start another novel which is close to my heart and related to animal activism. In addition, I’m designing book covers for other authors and am about to launch a premade ebook cover collection.

DL: Which writer/s influences your writing?
DRUSCILLA: Oh, so many! Stephen King comes readily to mind. His books fired my imagination and my love of the horror genre. Poppy Z Brite, whose vampire novel Lost Souls inspired and moved me. Brad Land, whose debut novel, Goat, showed me that a new writer can hold their own. Beryl Bainbridge and Daphne du Maurier, whose novels took me to the deeper depths of the human psyche. Hunter S Thompson, for taking me even further. And currently, Scott Blackwood, whose prose moves me to tears.

DL: How many print books do you have in your house?
DRUSCILLA: Hundreds, and I refuse to cull.

DL: Because this is a coffee chat, I also must know, if you came to my house for coffee/tea wouldI have to put out a cake or biscuits for you?
DRUSCILLA: I’m rather partial to cake, but can do a nice shortbread biscuit justice.

Like A Girl is a collection of short stories and poems from authors around the world, with the theme of education of girls in impoverished countries, and profits donated to Plan International.

You can read a review of the book HERE.


Druscilla Morgan is a Sydney born writer and artist who loves cats and vampires. Druscilla works in all genres, particularly horror, sci fi and fantasy. Her literary influences include Daphne du Maurier, Anne Rice, Poppy Z Brite, Stephen King and Beryl Bainbridge. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies and magazines.

Druscilla describes herself as a creative shape shifter who enjoys weaving a narrative that both entertains and challenges her readers. She is currently designing book covers and collaborating on the next book of Nyx with co-author Roy C Booth.
Thank you so much, Druscilla, for stopping by and sharing your writing journey with us. Good luck with your creative ventures.

D L Richardson


  1. I love reading short interesting stories which have a relation to a real life. Nice interview with the author! It looks like she is very interesting person and I am sure that her writing is awesome as well.


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